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  • Britannia Sigma 100cm Dual Fuel Cooker - Warehouse Clearance

    Cooking involves all your senses, so everything designed by Britannia is intended to delight them. See the difference a Britannia range cooker will make to your kitchen. Whether your kitchen is shaker-style or ultra-modern, you'll find a Britannia that suits your personal taste. Feel the unmistakable quality of the construction when you turn the control knobs or when you open the sturdy doors. Feel the re-assuring weight of the cast-iron pan supports and the high quality Chef Top. We've engineered in quietness, so that you'll hear the sizzling of steaks and sautéed zucchinis on the versatile Chef Top hotplate. Smell the tempting aroma of a Mediterranean flavoured chicken cooked to succulent perfection on the rotisserie. When buying a range cooker, the most important aspects to consider are range cooker dimensions, fuel source, colour and style. If you are having a completely new kitchen, then Britannia recommends that you consider your cooking needs and choose a cooker before finalising the kitchen design. If you are replacing an existing appliance and you are not looking to change your kitchen cabinets, then you will be more limited in the style and colour you can choose. Not only will the range cooker need to fit the existing gap, it will also need to match the cabinets you have.

    Grill compartments - One of the main considerations will be whether you want a separate grill compartment. How much grilling do you do? All Britannia ovens feature a grill element, so you can grill in one oven while you cook something else in the other oven. Also, if you have a range cooker with a Chef Top, then everything that you usually grill can also be prepared on the Chef Top. Britannia XG range cookers (available for 100cm and 110cm Sigma, Dynasty and Classic range cookers) feature a separate grill compartment.

    Oven functions - Oven functions to look for include fan assisted grilling, bottom element only, true fan and defrost. When using “fan assisted grilling”, the fan will circulate the air reducing the need to turn and baste the food. This function is ideal for sausages, mixed grills, lamb chops or chicken portions. The “bottom element only” function is ideal for stews and casseroles at a low temperature, and for cooking sweet and savoury flans at high temperature. The “true fan function” ensures that the temperature is the same throughout the oven. You can, therefore, batch bake biscuits, fairy cakes or savoury canapés. A “defrost” function is for safe defrosting of small items such as fish or poultry pieces and is ideal for the gentle thawing of cream cakes and desserts.

    Fast pre-heat systems and programmers - Other useful cooking features are fast pre-heat systems and programmers. Britannia’s Quickstart feature brings the temperature of the oven to 200ºC in just six minutes. Ideal when you are in a rush! An electronic programmer allows you to program your oven to start and/or finish.

    Energy rating - Energy efficiency is rated from A to G with A being the most energy efficient and, therefore, the most environmentally friendly class. Apart from the ovens of E Line range cookers, all Britannia ovens are A rated.

    Cleaning features - Features to help keep your oven clean are also to be considered. Britannia’s Sigma, Dynasty and Classic range cookers come with stay-clean liners for the roof, back and sides of the ovens. Stay-clean liners help keep your oven like new. Simply heat the oven to maximum temperature for 45 minutes from time to time. L Line range cookers come with stay-clean roof liners as standard. Stay-clean liners for the oven sides and back are an optional extra for E Line and L Line range cookers. Lastly, the separate grill compartments of Britannia XG range cookers feature a stay-clean roof liner.

    All Britannia range cookers (apart from E Line range cookers) feature individual pan supports (which are easier to clean under the tap) and spillage wells (so that you don’t need to clean the whole hob when something boils over). To facilitate cleaning, all Britannia oven doors and inner glass panels are removable.

    Safety features - Important safety features include flame failure devices, fascia cooling fans, oven lights and triple glazed doors. Flame failure devices shut off the gas supply to a gas burner if the flame is accidentally extinguished. All Britannia gas burners feature flame failure devices. All Britannia’s range cookers also feature a thermostatically controlled fan to prevent the fascia from overheating and all oven doors (excluding E Line range cookers) are triple-glazed to prevent the doors from overheating.

    It sounds obvious that an oven should have an oven light to allow good visibility, but, unlike all Britannia ovens, not all range cookers feature oven lights!
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  • Godin Chatelaine Pro Dual Fuel Cooker (Clearance)

    Showroom Model - Never Been Used - Good Condition - 1Year Guarantee

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  • Redfyre Universal Dual Fuel Heat Storage Cooker (Clearance)

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A dual fuel range uses both gas and electricity, and you will need a mains or LPG gas supply in place, together with an electrical supply sufficient for your chosen model. Dual fuel is by far the most popular choice of range cooker because it offers the best of both worlds, combining the ease and responsiveness of a gas hob with the speed and efficiency of electric ovens.

Fireplace Products delivers to you a selection of freestanding range cookers which minimizes installation time and cost and allows you to start making (and tasting!) the most out of your new cooker as soon as possible.