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At Fireplace Products we pride ourselves on choice. We strongly believe that having a choice is a great thing. We want all of our customers to know what products are available to them, to ensure that they are choosing the “Fireplace Product” that is right for them. Unlike so many other companies in our industry that offer a relatively small selection of fireplaces, stoves, cookers, flues or accessories, we offer a truly gigantic selection of products in contrast from every aspect of the fireplace & stove industry from one place and more products are added and updated every day, ensuring you have a great choice of the very best and newest fireplace products and always at competitive prices.

In 2007 when we first launched our website all we sold were electric fires and traditional cast-iron fireplaces. Since then we have expanded our product portfolio into every aspect of the ever growing and changing fireplace industry, modifying our store accordingly along the way. We are now proud to be one of the UK’s largest online stores to offer wood burning stoves, range cookers, chimney flue systems & fireside accessories, as well as electric fires & traditional fireplaces.

Going the extra mile, the potential downside of having so much choice is that it can be overwhelming if you are not sure what you want. To assist in this we have a team of highly trained sales professionals at the end of the phone to answer any questions you may have, no matter how trivial you may consider them to be. To assist our customers experience when buying from us, we are always striving to improve our websites usability, with simple to use navigation tools, intuitive searches, filters to allow you to narrow your selection down to just a handful of products, side by side product comparisons with in depth technical details. We never stop working on improving our website, which is why it is ever changing and evolving to better suit out customer's needs.

In Summary Fireplace Products are experienced and established suppliers of Wood Burning Stoves, Gas Fires, Fireplaces, Firebaskets, Chimneys, Flues, Range Cookers & Fireside Accessories. Located in Rayleigh, Essex, UK our showroom doors are always open...

New Arrivals

  • BSW Pizazz Pizza Oven Heatlogs

    Our range of wood fuel products are manufactured by BSW Energy in the UK. Whether you are looking to buy Hotties Heat logs, Mini Heatlogs, Pizazz or Barbies BBQ briquettes you can be rest assured that all of the sawdust and chips that are used in the manufacturing process are sourced in the UK from sustainably managed forests. We are a BSL Authorised supplier and also Woodsure accredited by HETAS which means our fuels are certified to be both safe and efficient. Our versatile, clean and efficient wood fuel ranges are available for nationwide delivery.

    Pizazz are 100% Sweet Chestnut hardwood briquettes designed specifically for wood-fired pizza ovens. Manufactured in the UK the hardwood briquettes burn longer and hotter than traditional firewood.

    Features of our Pizazz Wood Fuel:
    - Size 80mm wide by 300mm
    - Pizza oven fuel supplied in 14kg boxes – 8 logs per box
    - Our pizza oven fuel is made in the UK
    - Hardwood pizza oven briquettes – 100% Sweet Chestnut
    - Non -toxic with no additives or binders
    - Burns hot so ovens are quicker to heat up
    - Easy and clean to handle
    - Easy to stack wood for pizza ovens
    - Consistent burn time
    - No expansion during burning
    - Low ash residue (0-5-0.7%) which keeps ovens clean
    - Low moisture content - less than 5% (average wood moisture content is between 25- 50%)
    - No spitting or sparking
    inc. VAT 5%
  • Rocal Plek 66 Wall Mounted Charcoal BBQ - Stainless Steel

    Rocal Plek 66 Inox barbecue

    Sleek, stylish and the envy of all whole set eyes upon it – the Rocal Plek 66 Inox barbecue brings a sense of decorum to outdoor cooking. Whilst appearing simplistic in design, with its stainless steel panelling and straight edges, the Plek 66 Inox neatly folds away when not in use, protecting it from the elements, giving you more space and keeping your outside area looking maintained and tidy. What’s more, the ash falls into the ash collection draw once the grill compartment is closed, saving you the troublesome and dirty task of scraping ash from one area to another.

    The Rocal Plek 66 Inox barbecue will transform your outdoor space from a garden into the al fresco kitchen of your dreams.


    Rocal Plek 66 Wall Mounted BBQ Features:

    Rocal Plek 66 BBQ Features:


    Rocal Plek 66 BBQ Dimensions (when folded exc flue):

    Height - 1381mm

    Width - 662mm

    Depth - 252mm


    Rocal Plek 66 BBQ Dimensions (when in use exc flue):

    Height - 1381mm

    Width - 1658mm

    Depth - 275mm

    (see downloads for full dimensioned drawing).


    Rocal Plek 66 BBQ Accessories:

    Not sure if your wall is strong enough to take the weight of this product, then you will need Rocal's stand supports to assist and help support the product (sold separately).


    Please Note, this product must only be secured to a non combustible wall, it should not be used against flamable materials such as fences and the flue pipe should terminate in clear air without an combustible/flamable materials within the vicinity. 

    inc. VAT 20%
    £2,250.00 save 14%
  • GardenMaxx Woodbox Steel Outdoor Log Store - 800mm

    GardenMaxx Woodbox Steel Outdoor Log Store - 800mm

    The Woodbox log store offers a decorative solution to storing your firewood. This simple logstore is the perfect companion to an outdoor fire or chimenea and is available in either a painted black or "rusty effect" corten steel finish. The Woodbox by Dutch manufacture GardenMaxx is 800mm wide, 500mm deep and 350mm high, however due to its sharp square cut design it can be combined with others to build a modular logstore or outdoor wall of wood.

    Corten Steel - Made from Corten steel, the metal will age and weather beautifully with the passage of time, creating a thin film of rust which combats the onset of deeper rusting meaning your log holder will last longer and retain a beautiful earthy colour. The Woodbox is more than a log shed, it is practical outdoor art.

    Price is for one section only. Wood not included
    inc. VAT 20%
    £149.00 save 10%
  • GardenMaxx Maroa Steel Chimenea

    GardenMaxx Maroa Chimenea – Clean lines and modern designs mean that these chimeneas are not just functional patio heaters but also a stunning feature for any urban garden or contemporary outdoor spaces. The Maroa Chimenea is only available in the "rusty effect" corten steel which ages and weathers with use. The Maroa has an unusual pyramid design which is incorporated within two logstores either side which help to "square" the product off. Unlike alternative models of a similar design the GardenMaxx Maroa is made in the Netherlands and is delivered in one piece, so no assembly is required.

    GardenMaxx Contemporary Steel Chimeneas – Chimenea (Chi-men-ea) n. Originally from Mexican Spanish, a freestanding front-loading fireplace or oven with a bulbous body and a vertical smoke vent or chimney. The look of these products is chic and simple. They have minimalist design with a smooth finish and no decorative surface details. The concept is to complement modern trends in both interior and garden design.

    GardenMaxx Maroa Modern Chimenea Dimensions:
    Width – 900mm
    Depth – 350mm
    Height – 1500mm
    Corten Steel Finish
    2mm Thick steel construction - Heavy duty cold rolled steel used for quality and longevity
    Designed to withstand temperatures of up to 600°C
    No assembly required, arrives pre-built
    Wood storage racks are included

    Please Note:
    It is important you observe the instructions and maintenance recommendations. The metal surface can rust, how much is dependant on if the product is left outside in all weathers, and how much they are used/looked after. All can be re-painted (rust does not affect use). Metal fire bowl surfaces can become very hot in use and will burn the skin if touched. Burning temperatures can be very high. We recommend the use of a fireguard when small children or pets are present.
    inc. VAT 20%
    £499.00 save 15%

Featured Products

  • Rocal Giselle 100 Wood Burning Stove

    Rocal Fireplaces - "The Height Of Fireplace Design"

    Rocal Giselle 100 Multifuel Fireplace - If you have ever considered that there must be something with more style than the conventional British fireplace opening, then this superb selection of designs from Rocal could add a new dimension to your thinking. Every Rocal Fireplaces is constructed from heavy gauge steel plate, expertly finished with a sophisticated, satin black lacquer that is heatproof to 650°C and is supplied with a length of matching decorative flue cover. The solid fuel firebox itself is designed for burning wood, peat/turf and smokeless fuel. It incorporates a high quality cast iron grate backed by (depending upon model) either cast iron panels or the latest thermally efficient firebricks to maximise the heat output from your fuel.

    Flue Covers, Grilles & Handles - All freestanding Rocal Fireplaces are supplied complete with matching decorative flue cover but not the flue pipe (unless under special offer). The length of the decorative cover is listed above and on the technical drawing as the 'C1' measurement. This can be cut to suit where a ceiling is lower. Additional lengths & elbow covers are also available on most models and can also be purchased separately As standard all UK Rocal Fireplaces come with Nickel plated handles. Black & Brass handles are available to special order at an additional cost. Flat ceiling grilles are supplied with all Rocal models, plates for angled ceilings are available to special order at an additional cost, please speak to a member of our sales team regarding your requirements.
    inc. VAT 20%
  • La Nordica Italy Built-In Wood Cooker

    The La Nordica Italy Wood Cooker is a contemporary wood burner that ticks all the boxes when it comes to modern wood fired home cooking. The chic mix of stainless steel and black glass give this cooker the wow factor compared to others. Plus the two large stainless steel sides allow this cooker to be built-it next to existing kitchen units without the need for additional spacer units. As well as this the Italy cooker has been approved by DEFRA for burning wood in smoke control areas making its appeal even more wide spread. To top it off there is also a boiler version available of the Italy cooker to provide heating & cooking for not only your kitchen, but the entire home.

    The tasty dishes that you can cook inside the big oven and on the large cast iron plate supplied with dedicated multi-ring hot zone. The easy way to take the wood logs from the handy wood drawer. The large firebox with a panoramic door and the convenience of a spacious oven, all of which make the Italy Wood Cooker a dear friend in which you can share the daily privacy of your house.

    Why are we able to offer such a good deal on La Nordica Stoves & Cookers Products? The answer is simple, we have been selected by La Nordica as an official UK Distributor, meaning we buy them direct from La Nordica in Italy cutting out the middle man so we can offer you a better deal. We have several La Nordica Stoves & Cookers on display in our Essex Showroom and you are more than welcome to come and visit us before you purchase. This is all part of our promise to bring you the products you like at the prices you’ll love. If you have any questions about this or any of our other products please contact us a member of our team on – 01268 200139

    The Italy Wood Cooker is made in the heart of the Northern Italian town of Vicenza (between Venice & Verona) by La Nordica. It was distributed in the UK by Broseley Fires, and is often referred to as a Broseley Italy Wood Cooker. We buy directly from La Nordica in Italy and in doing so can offer you a more competitive price than some of our rivals. We also have La Nordica cookers on display in our Essex showrooms, so why not speak to a member of our sales team about popping in to discuss this or any of our other range cookers in person.

    The La Nordica-Extraflame Group traces its origins back to 1967. Since then the Group has worked hard to expand and improve its product range, and has abandoned the simple stoves of yesterday in favour of evolved, diversified, and advanced products that can satisfy all the needs and preferences of today’s market. The La Nordica-Extraflame Group produces ultra-modern, classic and rustic style wood and pellet burning stoves as well as wood burning cookers, fireplaces and boilers. Its products can also become complete but compact domestic heating systems to heat the radiators in your home. Nordica-Extraflame products lead the field and conform to the strictest emission regulations. They are also all CE marked and certified to international standards even stricter than those in force in Italy. La Nordica is a leader in wood burning heating appliances, and boasts an excellent reputation for developing new solutions to today’s ever more specific and demanding requirements. La Nordica’s vast range, including classic, rustic and modern product families, attention to detail, and consistently excellent quality prove the validity of this reputation. La Nordica brings top quality materials, accurate finish and attention to detail – in short, the best of aspects of Italian design – to customers all over the world.
    inc. VAT 20%
    £2,620.00 save 20%
  • Newmans Continental 54" Stone Fireplace With Chamber

    Newmans & New Image Limestone Fireplaces - Portuguese Limestone is a beautiful natural material offering a fireplace that is truly unique having its own natural variation in shading and markings. There are styles to suit almost any room from Traditional to Contemporary, including some award winning designs. With its neutral colour it is ideal choice for making decorating and room furnishings simple for now and for the future. Newmans & New Image Fireplaces come in either Codacol or Sepol Limestone’s. The difference between them is that with Codacol Fireplaces veining of the stone is generally lighter and always runs from left to right at varying angles to each fireplace part which looks extremely attractive. Sepol Limestone has darker veins and each section can run both vertically and horizontally within the same fireplace. Both Newman & New Image Fireplaces may include shading, veining, fossils, and crystal markings, these are the features that come with the beauty of a natural stone product, against any mass produced man made counterpart. Once installed and dry your fireplace should be cleaned and sealed using a Power-Clean and Stain-stop, or similar. Once sealed further sealing should not be necessary. All Newmans & New Image Limestone Fireplaces are manufactured from 100% natural material. As such every fireplace will be unique due to the very slight variations in fossil formation, veining and shading. This is one of the great attractions of 100% pure natural products.

    Newmans Continental Options:
    - 54” or 60” Widths
    - Sepol or Codacol Limestone’s
    - Raised Chamber

    Newmans Continental 48“ Dimensions:
    (A) Mantel Width - 1180mm
    (B) Mantel Depth - 125mm
    (C) Hearth Width - 1219mm
    (D) Hearth Depth - 400mm
    (E) Overall Height - 1070mm
    (F) Internal Opening Height (Sides) - 790mm
    (G) Internal Opening Width - 780mm
    (H) Outside Width (Leg-Leg) - 1180mm
    (J) Rebate - 35mm
    (K) Internal Opening Height (Centre) - 790mm

    Newmans Continental 54“ Dimensions:
    (A) Mantel Width - 1332mm
    (B) Mantel Depth - 125mm
    (C) Hearth Width - 1372mm
    (D) Hearth Depth - 400mm
    (E) Overall Height - 1170mm
    (F) Internal Opening Height (Sides) - 860mm
    (G) Internal Opening Width - 830mm
    (H) Outside Width (Leg-Leg) - 1332mm
    (J) Rebate - 35mm
    (K) Internal Opening Height (Centre) - 860mm

    Standard Continental Builders Opening Requirements: (all models)
    Width – 685mm
    Height – 790mm
    Depth – 345mm

    All Newmans & New Image Fireplaces can be modified to fit your requirements. Simple alterations including hearths and larger back panel openings can be done within about a week, more major alterations will need to be done in the factory in Portugal and can take up to 8weeks to arrive with us. For more information and prices on modifications and alterations, please speak to a member of our sales team.

    Images shown may not reflect the standard option available, some images show fireplaces with optional chambers, and larger openings to give you examples of what could have. The None of the fires shown in the images are included within the product price (unless otherwise stated) but are available to purchase separately.
    inc. VAT 20%
  • Planika Jar Commerce Bio-Ethanol Fire

    Planika Jar Commerce Bio-Ethanol Fire

    A real designer free-standing fireplace, the Jar can be placed against a wall, in a corner or centrally in a room. The Jar Commerce was designed exclusively for Planika by Christophe Pillet. The fireplace combines the chill of a concrete base with the warmth of dancing flames and is a perfect solution for anyone seeking out a simple, yet stylish way of grasping the ambience of real fire. This fire is ideal for outside - maybe as a pair next to your entrance doors, or on the patio. The Jar Commerce is a short concrete cylinder with a tempered glass top section. The hypnotic dancing real flame is consistent and fully controllable. A gentler and more elegant flame pattern than that of a woodburner or gas fireplace.

    All Planika's bio-ethanol fires are completely flueless and require no chimney whatsoever due to the ultra clean burning nature of the bio-ethanol fuel. The fire can be used outside or inside in a large enough room with sufficient air movement. At the heart of the fire is the stainless steel combustion block. Once poured into the combustion block, the fuel soaks away into a special material which acts like a sophisticated wick, only releasing the optimum amount of fuel as required. This means that all Planika's are very efficient, have a constant and long burn time and are fully controllable with a variable-rate sliding closure mechanism.

    Height - 772mm
    Diameter - 410mm

    Fuel Capacity - 1500ml
    Approx. Burn Time - 3-7 Hours (based on optimum burning conditions)
    Approx. Heat Output - 2.5kW
    Minimum Room Size - 52m³
    Minimum Air Circulation - 1hour

    Safety Note:
    Bio-ethanol is a highly flammable liquid, so extra care and attention is required, make sure you read the instructions before using your burner. Never re-fill the burner while the fuel is still burning or still hot. Bio-ethanol has a low flash-point, so ignites at low temperature. Failure to observe this safety instruction may lead to spontaneous re-igniting of the burner.
    inc. VAT 20%


Apr 21, 2016

Fireplace Products receive silver award for blog

Ok, so it’s not gold but to win the silver award for our blog that is less than a year old and is based on the fascinating-but-still-fairly-niche subject of all things fireplace, stoves and barbecues, is a pretty big deal for us.

We had a great night (14 April 2016) at the Essex Digital Awards held at Weston Homes Community Stadium in Colchester, Essex, about 45 mins from where we’re based in Rayleigh. We met some lovely people and had plenty of interesting discussions, so from a networking point of view it was totally worth just being there.

Then the awards ceremony began and the jitters set in. Having your work judged is never a pleasant experience but it seems to be amplified ten-fold when you see the caliber of the other nominees. It’s safe to say we weren’t optimistic. But then we heard our name called – Fireplace Products. A bit stunned we stood up and collected our award and someone took a picture.

We were modelling our best rabbit-in-headlights look as we sat back down. Fireplace Products receive silver award for blog Anyone who runs a blog will tell you that it is the readers that make the blog work. If no one is reading your blog then you don’t really have a blog, then you’re essentially talking to yourself in a huge unlit room.

So thank you, dear reader, for letting us communicate with you and preventing us from having a one-sided conversation. Thank you for your sustained support and for your interest in all things fire.

We have some exciting things on the horizon for Fireplace Products, including a completely new and redesigned website, integrated blog and new products coming your way. So keep checking back to find out how we get on as we move forward in this interesting and exciting industry.

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