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At Fireplace Products we pride ourselves on choice. We strongly believe that having a choice is a great thing. We want all of our customers to know what products are available to them, to ensure that they are choosing the “Fireplace Product” that is right for them. Unlike so many other companies in our industry that offer a relatively small selection of fireplaces, stoves, cookers, flues or accessories, we offer a truly gigantic selection of products in contrast from every aspect of the fireplace & stove industry from one place and more products are added and updated every day, ensuring you have a great choice of the very best and newest fireplace products and always at competitive prices.

In 2007 when we first launched our website all we sold were electric fires and traditional cast-iron fireplaces. Since then we have expanded our product portfolio into every aspect of the ever growing and changing fireplace industry, modifying our store accordingly along the way. We are now proud to be one of the UK’s largest online stores to offer wood burning stoves, range cookers, chimney flue systems & fireside accessories, as well as electric fires & traditional fireplaces.

Going the extra mile, the potential downside of having so much choice is that it can be overwhelming if you are not sure what you want. To assist in this we have a team of highly trained sales professionals at the end of the phone to answer any questions you may have, no matter how trivial you may consider them to be. To assist our customers experience when buying from us, we are always striving to improve our websites usability, with simple to use navigation tools, intuitive searches, filters to allow you to narrow your selection down to just a handful of products, side by side product comparisons with in depth technical details. We never stop working on improving our website, which is why it is ever changing and evolving to better suit out customer's needs.

In Summary Fireplace Products are experienced and established suppliers of Wood Burning Stoves, Gas Fires, Fireplaces, Firebaskets, Chimneys, Flues, Range Cookers & Fireside Accessories. Located in Rayleigh, Essex, UK our showroom doors are always open...

Here are some more details on the products that we offer:



Stoves - Fireplace Products specialises in offering the widest selection of Wood Burning Stoves, Log Stoves, Multi Fuel StovesElectric StovesGas StovesDEFRA Approved Stoves and Central Heating Boiler Stoves online. We have over 30years experience  supplying top stove brands, including Aarrow, Aga, Broseley, Dovre, Dunsley, Esse, Franco Belge, Hunter, Morso, Rocal, Stovax, Vermont, Villager and Westfire stoves through our showroom and have been offering the lowest discount prices online since 2007. Unlike other sites we offer extensive stove features and specifications available only to our customers, and are always trying to source new and unusual stoves from around the world. At Fireplaceproducts we are constantly striving to improve our product portfolio and find the latest trends in multi fuel and wood burning stove design. We work closely with both the industry leading brand names as well as some break through new names allowing us to offer unique and exciting stoves from the UK, Europe and the rest of the World. There are a number of fuel types to choose from, including wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, gas stoves, electric stoves, log stoves, pellet stoves and smoke controlled stoves. We are always comparing our site to other industry leaders such as Stoves Are Us and Stoves Online, to ensure that we have the widest selection of stoves on offer and at the lowest discount prices.

Stove Finder Search - In 2011 we realised that we were offering more stoves than anyone else. And while we strongly believe that choice is a great thing, we also understand that it can be more difficult to find the products you are looking for. This gave us an idea, what if there was a way to search for a stove by the features it does or doesn't have? And so our "Stove Finder" project was started. It took almost 18months but our Stove Finder Search is now online and ready to help you find your perfect stove. As well as the original Stove Finder Search, and listening to the feedback we got from our test group, we built into our stove menu some of the most popular choices. You can now find stoves by fuel, style, design, output, feature or brand all from the Stoves menu. We have even integrated our stove searching filters into every sub-category page containing products making it much easier to find your perfect stove. No more scrolling through 50 pages of different stoves trying to find the stove that is right for you. Simply select from the options on the left hand side of the page to find stoves that meet your requirements. Now while in principal this may sound like a simple thing to do, but when you consider that we offer over 6,000 stoves and a have one of the most detailed product features containing over 70 different potential search criteria's including, price, output, brand, fuel and size, you start to understand why Fireplace Products is the only online stove company to offer such a service to our customers.



Looking for a new fireplace? You have come to the right place! As we all know a fireplace brings a room to life, and can even transform your home. Here at Fireplaceproducts we'll help you find your perfect fireplace. Whether that’s a limestone fireplace for your living room, or perhaps a wall mounted electric fire for the dining room, browse from classic cast-iron fireplace designs, through to contemporary hole in the wall gas fires. Decide from some tried and tested fireplace combinations or perhaps take a glance through our own range of custom fireplace packages. Looking for something more personal or individual? Then those of you a with a more creative streak why not build your own fireplace package? Simply select your hearth, insert, surround and any extras you may require and if you are unsure if they are suitable together just give a member of our dedicated fireplaceproducts sales team a call. Fireplaces come in a range of styles including gas, marble and cast iron. Many fireplaces come with a wood burning visual effect, suiting customers who seek the traditional atmosphere. Equally found in luxury homes as well as the latest designer flats, the classic and reliable natural stone fireplaces can be adapted to suit any style. Traditionally fitted with a deep mantle to accommodate large gas appliances, large cassettes or wood burners, they often feature finely carved details, bringing you the high quality of natural stone and creativity of innovative design.

Fireplace Products are proud to offer one of the UK's most comprehensive ranges of fireplace hearths, including tiles, natural stone, polished black granite, steel floor plates and glass hearths for use with specific wood burning stoves. There are now many options available in selecting the perfect hearth to suit your new Wood, Multifuel Gas or Electric stove. Suited to most contemporary stoves that have a raised firebox, Glass Floor Plates can give your stove, the extra WOW factor! Or if you are looking for perhaps a more traditional style then take a look at our range of Natural Stone Hearths to compliment your new stove. Sandstone, Limestone, Marble, Granite, Travertine and Slate all provide a durable and natural riven surface which will take the general abuse involved in using and operating a working fire or stove.



No one offers you a wider selection of wood burning solid fuel Range Cookers than Fireplace Products. We have traditional, contemporary & modern designs, from all the top brand names; Aga, Esse, Firebelly, Lacunza, La Nordica, Rayburn, Stanley, Sideros, Thorma and Wamlser. Most are freestanding and are designed to stand alone or be placed into an inglenook opening, but with the additional of insulated sides some can now be installed next to wooden kitchen units and worktops opening up the installation possibilities. If wood burning is not for you but you like the “Aga” style, then perhaps a traditional Cast-iron Gas, Electric or Oil fired cookers would be more suitable. With a wide variety of colours and trims available, you can customise your cooker to suit your home décor. Finally we come to our collection of dual fuel & electric range cookers, with multiple ovens and a huge selection of styles and sizes to suit your home from such leading names as, Britannia, Falcon and Rangemaster you will be sure to find the cooker to suit your home and once you have don’t forget about all the extras you will need; Cooker Hoods, Canopies, Splash Backs, Rails, and Cooking Utensils all of which are available online from fireplaceproducts.



Everyone loves the glow of a fire, all that heat and light is so welcoming on a freezing winter's night. Here at Fireplaceproducts we have consistently delivered exceptional value on all of our electric fires and fireplaces, gas fires, bio-ethanol fires, for over 30years! From traditional suites to contemporary wall-mounted models, at Fireplaceproducts we have masses of fires. As with all of our products we always strive to bring you the lowest discount prices from the top brand names including, Burley, Celsi, Dimplex, Flamerite, Flavel, Gallery, Gazco, Riva, Valor and Verine Fires all of these top brand names can be found here. Perhaps you already have an existing fire basket and are looking to update it or perhaps change from wood burning to gas? We have a wide selection of wood, multi fuel, electric or gas baskets in a range of styles and sizes to suit your fireplace opening, or existing fire basket. Whether you're after a glowing new focal point for your sitting room, dining room or a replacement inset fire for an existing surround, you'll find them all at fireplaceproducts.



At that start of 2013 we introduced our collection of outdoor fires. Comprised of chimeneas, firepits, bbqs, pizza ovens, outdoor wood stoves, bio-fires, and patio heaters we now have a selection of over 400 new products available to buy online. We have seen a demand for outdoor fires increase and decided it was time to venture into this new outdoor fire arena, so we sourced some new products from some great brand names like AK47, Buschbeck, Conmoto, Gardeco, Invicta, La Hacienda, Morso & Rais and added them to our already extensive product portfolio. While this may be the newest sector to the fireplaceproducts website it is already proving to be very popular among customers and we anticipate during the summer months for it to become as big as our stoves, fireplaces and cooker ranges and we have already sourced some exciting new products for 2014 from high quality Italian pizza ovens to outdoor gas & bio-ethanol built-in fireplaces, so be sure to check back soon.



All wood burning, multi fuel or solid fuel appliance will require some kind of flue. Depending upon where you are placing your stove, fireplace, cooker or fire will determine which kind you require. If you already have an existing chimney and it is of sound construction you will need to connect your ‘appliance’ into the chimney. This is usually done with vitreous enamel flue pipe, or stainless steel single wall flue. If your chimney is old, altered, or dilapidating then you will most likely need to line your chimney with a flexible chimney liner. There are two main kinds of flexible chimney liner often referred to as 316/316 or 904/904, these numbers tell you the grade of steel that is used on both the inner and outer coils that make up these liners. Adaptors are available to connect flexible liners onto vitreous or stainless steel flue pipes, and can be connected into existing chimney pots or rain caps. If you do not have an existing chimney where you wish to place your stove, fireplace, cooker, or fire then you can either construct one using a new clay or pumice lined system. Or if you would rather not go to the expense of constructing an entire chimney then you could use a twinwalled double insulated flue pipe.

These insulated flue pipes can be placed very close to combustible materials and allow for easy installation almost anywhere! Adaptors are available to connect onto vitreous enamel or stainless steel single wall flue or even directly onto your appliance. There are various lengths and bends in a variety of diameters with a selection or supports, flashing, and fire rated components to allow easy passage through floors, walls or roofs. Available in stainless steel as standard all twinwall double insulated flues can be powder coated to be more in-keeping with your home and its surrounds. Flues are often tricky to understand so we would always suggest speaking with an approved heating engineer prior to purchase to confirm you are ordering the correct items and or of course our skilled sales team are available to assist you in your purchase also.



Probably one of the largest online selections of fireside accessories! With a huge selection of log baskets, wood stores and holders, fire screens, spark guards, fire tools, companion sets, coal buckets, fireplace fenders, stove fans, air vents, grates, ash pans, fire frames, frets, gloves, bellows, fire cements, heat resistant paints, glues, ropes, plasters, cleaners, sealers and restorers we have it all at fireplaceproducts. Fireside accessories can also be great gift ideas for birthdays or Christmas with a great range of accessories available for less than £20. We also have a large selection of the highest quality designer fireside accessories from AK47, Cera-Design, Conmoto, Habitat, Hwam, Jotul, Morso, Peter Maly, & Pilgrim. We are always adding new and exciting fireside accessories to our collection which has grown now to over 4,000 products!

Almost every day at fireplaceproducts we are asked about what are the best kind of fuels to burn on specific stoves, cookers and fires. So in 2012 we introduced our fuel sub-category where you can find some approved smokeless coals, hardwood and kiln dried logs, approved bio-ethanol, matches, safety lighters and kindling for use with gas and bio-ethanol fires. Choosing the correct fuel can be hard with many different people offering lots of different advice about types of wood, seasoning, where its grown. While all of this is important fundamentally it comes down to the moisture content or how much water is within the wood. Its simple, the lower the moisture content the better the wood will burn. If you have a log that has a moisture content of 50% then as the log burns it is releasing all of that water into your fire. The result is a lack of heat from the fuel and a lot of moisture being realised inside your fire and up into your chimney, neither of which is good for its longevity. So the lower the moisture content the better, but anything less than 20% will burn well.

Also within our Accessories category is a range of spare parts. From frames to multi fuel kits, replacement firebricks to clip in boilers, add on low canopies to smoke control zone (DEFRA) kits, fireplaceproducts has a vast and varied selection of spares and replacement parts for stoves, fireplaces, cookers, fires and outdoor products all available to buy online. Spares can be specific to particular models of fires or stoves so ensure you know which model you have or at least approximately how old it is, then give us a call or drop us an e-mail and let us know what you require and we will source it for you.

  • New Arrivals
  • Featured Products

New Arrivals

  • Westfire Uniq 34SG Wood Burning Stove

    inc. VAT 20%
    £2,300.00 save 10%
  • Westfire Uniq 33SG Wood Burning Stove

    inc. VAT 20%
    £2,165.00 save 10%
  • Flavel Central Heating Multifuel Boiler Stove

    The Flavel Central Heating Stove is one of the most efficient boiler stoves available today with a net efficiency of 80.4%. This stove can be easily installed with your existing central heating system and offers a heat output of up to 5.1kW to the room and 9.7kW to water. It will also work with time clocks and automatic room stats for full thermostatic control. This stove features a double-cased body which helps to keep the outer body of the stove cooler and stops the room from getting too hot when full central heating is in operation.

    The Flavel Central Heating Stove is available in a choice of two stylish door designs and will look fabulous in any home from a cosy county cottage to chic urban apartment.

    Additional Features:
    - An extra content buffer tank, to store heat until needed and ensure the system remains hot while refuelling,
    - An easy clean throat plate
    - Access to sweep the chimney from inside the stove
    - A fully double-cased body to keep the outer body of the stove cool and to stop the room from over heating when full central heating is required,
    - Burns for up to 12hours,
    - Burns a complete range of fuels, including wood, peat, anthracite and coke with no need to change the grate,
    - Large viewing glass,
    - Large easy to carry ashpan,
    - High chromium stainless steel grate and fittings for long life and smooth operation,
    - An optional "Flavel Safe Air Supply" which suppliers air to the stove directly from outside to provide perfect combustion and no cold draughts, is available. So no extra room ventilation will be required,
    - Works with time clocks and automatic room stats for full thermostatic control

    Note: The window tracery's are only compatible with the Contemporary Door option.
    inc. VAT 20%
    £1,465.00 save 27%
  • Flavel No.2 Multifuel Stove

    Flavel No.2 Multifuel Stove

    - 5mm thick steel bodies
    - Cast iron door and grates
    - Large viewing window
    - Simple operating controls
    - Ultra-slim depth
    - Clean glass Airwash system
    - Large, easy-carry ashpan
    - Up to 10 hours burn time
    - Takes log lengths up to 410mm (16")
    - 125mm (5") top or rear flue connection
    - CE Approval to standard BS EN 13240
    - Suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, as recommended by DEFRA
    inc. VAT 20%
    £829.00 save 24%
  • Flavel No.1 Multifuel Stove

    Flavel No.1 Multifuel Stove

    - 5mm thick steel bodies
    - Cast iron door and grates
    - Large viewing window
    - Simple operating controls
    - Ultra-slim depth
    - Clean glass Airwash system
    - Large, easy-carry ashpan
    - Up to 10 hours burn time
    - Takes log lengths up to 300mm (12")
    - 125mm (5") top or rear flue connection
    - CE Approval to standard BS EN 13240
    - Suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, as recommended by DEFRA
    inc. VAT 20%
    £729.00 save 22%
  • Flavel Arundel Multifuel Stove

    Flavel Arundel Multifuel Stove

    - Simple primary & secondary air controls
    - Intelligent externally controllable riddle system
    - Strong steel body and door
    - Large viewing glass window
    - Radiant heat output
    - Metallic paint finish
    - Certified to BS EN 13240
    - Suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, as recommended by DEFRA
    inc. VAT 20%

    Instock for Christmas

Featured Products

  • Eva Uk Montrose Multifuel Stove (Clearance)

    Showroom Model - Never Been Fired - Good Condition - Full Guarantee

    Not In Original Packaging
    inc. VAT 20%
    £689.00 save 50%

    Clearance Model

  • Aarrow Signature 5 Wood Burning Stove (Clearance)

    Showroom Model - "As New" Condition - Not In Original Packaging Older Discontinued Model - Metallic Black


    inc. VAT 20%
    £849.00 save 35%

    Clearance Model

  • Dunsley Highlander 3 Multifuel Stove (Clearance)

    The Dunsley Highlander 3 Multifuel stove has been designed and manufactured to bring you a cleaner burn and superb efficiency, it has a slim appearance and a built in airwash to ensure the inside of the glass stays clean. The Highlander 3 has a max heat output of 3kW and will take logs up to 8” long; it is fitted with a shaker grater which enables any logs or solid fuels to be burnt to maximum efficiency. Also for your safety, the Highlander 3 Multifuel stove has been designed with one door to open for refuelling and ash removal.
    inc. VAT 20%
    £699.00 save 20%

    Clearance Model

  • Riva 55 Multifuel Cassette Stove (Clearance)

    Riva cassettes and stoves direct three types of air into the glass fronted firebox, where they combine to provide a superb flame control and exceptional views of the fire. Accordingly, you can create different ambiences to suit your mood. From a deep glow, with minimal flames, it takes only a few seconds to create a swirling inferno. All Rivas have a flat fuel bed because logs burn best on a level bed of ash. Smokeless fuels, on the other hand, burn better on a raised grate that allows air to be drawn in from underneath. The skilful design of the Riva range, however, permits the combustion of either fuel with equal proficiency. Woodburning is better in environmental terms as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is approximately the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth. It is also a renewable resource, particularly when delivered from plantations and cultivated woodland.

    Cleanburn technology meets convector efficiency – all Riva cassettes and stoves incorporate the very latest cleanburn technology with a unique opti-burn setting. This means that they burn logs of smokeless fuels with an outstanding efficiency, resulting in more heat delivery into the room and less going up the chimney. Combustion is achieved by directing these separate airflows into the firebox. Primary air burns the fuel under the fuel bed; the ‘airwash’ flow helps keep the window clean and the pre-heated, secondary air promotes ‘cleanburning’ by the combustion of excess hydrocarbons in the smoke. In addition to the radiant heat, a forth airflow, between the inner and outer skins of the Riva provides convected heat. This is emitted into the room naturally or, in the case of the Riva 55,66 and 76, via an optional fan kit. The cassettes also offer the opportunity to heat other living spaces using an optional ducting system. Where ducting is used, up to half the heat output can be distributed this way.

    Showroom Model - Never Been Used - "As New" Condition - Not In Original Packaging
    Storm Silver Colour - Shown with Storm Silver 3 Sided Standard Frame - NOT INCLUDED, but is available to purchase separately.
    Riva 55 Multifuel Cassette – Providing greater heat output and a larger window to view the swirling flames. Alternatively, the Riva 55 can be installed as a hole-in-the-wall fire. In additional to providing excellent contemporary style, installing a Riva 55 significantly increases the level of heat in your room when compared to a conventional open fire. Combustion efficiency is up to 4 times greater; giving you more heat for your money and lower fuel costs.

    Riva 55 Cassette has been approved by DEFRA for use in a smoke control zone (extra kit required – sold separately). You can also purchase 24 different frames to suit your Riva 55 Cassette, including 3 and 4 sided, standard or wide thickness’, in 6 different colours – storm metallic, midnight black, red, blue, bronze & ivory. Note the stove only comes in storm metallic or midnight black. Smokeless fuel reducing kits are also available should you wish to primarily burn coal, you can also purchase fan assisted circulation kits for faster warming of the entire room. Warm air ducting kits are also available for the Riva 55 Cassette so you can duct warm air that would normally be lost up the chimney back into the same room or an adjacent room.
    inc. VAT 20%
    £1,599.00 save 35%

    Clearance Model


Aug 7, 2014

New Wood Burning Stoves - Wiking

With the 2014/2015 heating season fast approaching we are working hard on getting over 2,000 new wood burning, multifuel, gas & electric stoves online for you to browse. One of the new brands that we have long offered through our Rayleigh, Essex Showroom and are pleased to announce that we know have them online is Wiking Stoves.

Wiking Stoves comprise of the Miro firebox which has a choice of wither without or without side glass, and several different bases and top options. All Miro stoves feature large glass windows within a solid cast-iron door, and the back of these stoves is slightly slanted to enhance the look when positioned against a flat wall, and to assist installation into a corner setting. All Wiking Miro stoves have a highly-insulated combustion chamber of Vermiculite plates. Vermiculite is a natural material originating from Africa, which has superior insulating capacity combined with a low weight when compared to firebricks from other manufacturers. The Vermiculite plates ensure a temperature increase which is fast enough for the combustion to be clean and efficient.

In a Wiking Miro wood-burning stove, the regulation of air during lighting and re-stocking is managed automatically through the Wiking Automatic device. A heat-sensitive bimetallic spring expands or contracts depending on the temperature in the wood-burning stove. When lighting the fire, the damper will be fully open to ensure that the flames are supplied with the correct amount of air to get the fire started. The following quick rise in temperature will automatically cause the damper to close, thus ensuring clean and efficient combustion. When the fire starts to die out, the damper opens automatically again to allow for new firewood to be added or to let the fire die out.

See the full range of Wiking Wood Burning Stoves Here, these stoves are Showroom Exclusives, so you will need to contact our sales team on 01268 200139 or if you are interested in this range of contemporary stoves.



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