Riva 55 Multifuel Cassette Stove

110.00 KG

Riva 55 Multifuel Cassette Stove

Output Calculator:

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Output Required:

Product Features:

Key Features:

Single Sided Cassette
Maximum Efficiency:
Maximum kW Output:
Flue Pipe Diameter:
5" (125mm)
Flue Exit:
Top Exit Only
Warranty Period:
2 Years*
Manufactured Country:
Eastern Europe
DEFRA Approved:
Airwash System:
Cleanburn System:
Tertiary Burn System
External Air Supply:
Boiler Option:
Suitable for 12mm Hearths:
Rotatable Option:
Cooking Option:
Fan Assisted Circulation:
Yes (Optional Extra)
Warm Air Ducting Option:
Yes (Complete Kit Required - Extra)
Standard 16" x 22" Opening:


Inset Height:
660 (B)
Inset Width:
540 (A)
Inset Depth:
350 (C)
Minimum Opening Height:
670 (M)
Minimum Opening Width:
550 (L)
Minimum Opening Depth:
355 (N)
Distance CTF:
Do I Need A Frame?
Yes, no frame is supplied but one is required for fitting
Optional 3Sided Frames:
55mm Profil Frame - Jet Black Metallic (709 x 632)
55mm Profil Frame - Storm Silver (709 x 632)
55mm Profil Frame - Metallic Red (709 x 632)
55mm Profil Frame - Metallic Blue (709 x 632)
55mm Profil Frame - Metallic Bronze (709 x 632)
55mm Profil Frame - Ivory (709 x 632)
110mm Profil Frame - Jet Black Metallic (756 x 726)
110mm Profil Frame - Storm Silver (756 x 726)
110mm Profil Frame - Metallic Red (756 x 726)
110mm Profil Frame - Metallic Blue (756 x 726)
110mm Profil Frame - Metallic Bronze (756 x 726)
110mm Profil Frame - Ivory (756 x 726)
Optional 4Sided Frames:
55mm Profil Frame - Jet Black Metallic (755 x 726)
55mm Profil Frame - Storm Silver (755 x 726)
55mm Profil Frame - Metallic Red (755 x 726)
55mm Profil Frame - Metallic Blue (755 x 726)
55mm Profil Frame - Metallic Bronze (755 x 726)
55mm Profil Frame - Ivory (755 x 726)
110mm Profil Frame - Jet Black Metallic (849 x 726)
110mm Profil Frame - Storm Silver (849 x 726)
110mm Profil Frame - Metallic Red (849 x 726)
110mm Profil Frame - Metallic Blue (849 x 726)
110mm Profil Frame - Metallic Bronze (849 x 726)
110mm Profil Frame - Ivory (849 x 726)

Additional Features:

Outer Construction:
Steel Body
Top Options:
Steel - Flat Top
Base Options:
Flat Base
Side Options:
Steel Sides
Door Options:
Single Opening Door - Steel
Glass Options:
Flat Clear Glass
Firebox Details:
Riddling Grate
External Riddling Function
Removable Ashpan
Vermiculite Fireboard
Air Controls:
Primary/Secondary Single Air Control
Combustion System:
Traditional Combustion
Convection System:
Yes - Built-In Convection
Heat Storage:
Trim/Handle Options:
Finish Option:
Painted Finish
Main Colour Options:
Metallic Blue
Jet Black Metallic
Storm Silver Metallic
Metallic Bronze
Metallic Red
CE - EN13240
Flue Adaptor:
Not Required
Ideal Log Length:
Max Heating Volume:
Tile/Side Colour Options
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Riva cassettes and stoves direct three types of air into the glass fronted firebox, where they combine to provide a superb flame control and exceptional views of the fire. Accordingly, you can create different ambiences to suit your mood. From a deep glow, with minimal flames, it takes only a few seconds to create a swirling inferno. All Rivas have a flat fuel bed because logs burn best on a level bed of ash. Smokeless fuels, on the other hand, burn better on a raised grate that allows air to be drawn in from underneath. The skilful design of the Riva range, however, permits the combustion of either fuel with equal proficiency. Woodburning is better in environmental terms as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is approximately the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth. It is also a renewable resource, particularly when delivered from plantations and cultivated woodland.

Cleanburn technology meets convector efficiency – all Riva cassettes and stoves incorporate the very latest cleanburn technology with a unique opti-burn setting. This means that they burn logs of smokeless fuels with an outstanding efficiency, resulting in more heat delivery into the room and less going up the chimney. Combustion is achieved by directing these separate airflows into the firebox. Primary air burns the fuel under the fuel bed; the ‘airwash’ flow helps keep the window clean and the pre-heated, secondary air promotes ‘cleanburning’ by the combustion of excess hydrocarbons in the smoke. In addition to the radiant heat, a forth airflow, between the inner and outer skins of the Riva provides convected heat. This is emitted into the room naturally or, in the case of the Riva 55,66 and 76, via an optional fan kit. The cassettes also offer the opportunity to heat other living spaces using an optional ducting system. Where ducting is used, up to half the heat output can be distributed this way.

Riva 55 Multifuel Cassette – Providing greater heat output and a larger window to view the swirling flames. Alternatively, the Riva 55 can be installed as a hole-in-the-wall fire. In additional to providing excellent contemporary style, installing a Riva 55 significantly increases the level of heat in your room when compared to a conventional open fire. Combustion efficiency is up to 4 times greater; giving you more heat for your money and lower fuel costs.

Riva 55 Cassette has been approved by DEFRA for use in a smoke control zone (extra kit required – sold separately). You can also purchase 24 different frames to suit your Riva 55 Cassette, including 3 and 4 sided, standard or wide thickness’, in 6 different colours – storm metallic, midnight black, red, blue, bronze & ivory. Note the stove only comes in storm metallic or midnight black. Smokeless fuel reducing kits are also available should you wish to primarily burn coal, you can also purchase fan assisted circulation kits for faster warming of the entire room. Warm air ducting kits are also available for the Riva 55 Cassette so you can duct warm air that would normally be lost up the chimney back into the same room or an adjacent room.

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