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Our 5" Stove Flue Pipe Range...

Here you can find all of our 5" stove flue pipe, including vitreous enamel and stainless steel single wall pipe. Available in a variety of different components, we have a wide selection of 5" stove pipe to suit your appliance. There is a variety of different lengths available including telescopic lengths. We have a choice of different angle bends should you need to offset around something on your run, including tees. There is a selection of supports, adapters and caps all in 5" (125mm) diameter to suit your chosen stove, fire or cooker.

All wood burning, multifuel or solid fuel appliance will require some kind of flue. Depending upon where you are placing your stove, fireplace, cooker or fire will determine which kind you require. If you already have an existing chimney and it is of sound construction you will need to connect your appliance into the chimney. This is usually done with single wall flue pipe, typically vitreous enamel or stainless steel single wall pipe.

Single wall flue pipe is used to connect stoves, fires and cookers to a chimney. It is a rigid pipe and comes in a variety of diameters. There are a few varieties available but typically the most common form of single wall flue pipe is vitreous enamel. Vitreous enamel flue pipe is a single piece of steel that is coated in a vitreous enamel glaze and baked on. It is hard wearing and can withstand very high temperatures.

Although vitreous enamel is predominantly black, it is also available in a variety of colours. Alternatively we have a selection of stainless steel flue pipe if you would prefer a more contemporary look. Stainless steel flue pipe is also perfect for painting with high temperature paint should you wish to colour match your pipe to your chosen stove, fire or cooker. This section with the vitreous enamel is a single skin prefabricated stove pipe suitable for gas, oil and multi fuel appliances rating up to 50kW. It is generally used for between 250mm and 1.5m to connect onto an existing chimney or twin wall Class 1 chimney system.

Adaptors are available to connect onto vitreous enamel or stainless steel single wall flue or even directly onto your appliance. There are various lengths and bends in a variety of diameters with a selection or supports, flashing, and fire rated components to allow easy passage through floors, walls or roofs. Available in stainless steel as standard and matt black on selected diameters, all twinwall double insulated flues can be powder coated to be more in-keeping with your home and its surroundings.

We offer a vast array of fireplace products (hence the name), including fireplace packages, suites, fires, hearths, surrounds, beams, tile sets and much, much more. If the selection in this category is too broad for your needs, try using our filters to narrow your search criteria at the side of this page, so you can find the fireplace product that’s right for you.

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