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Reece R. Toscani


Phone - 01268 200139

E-Mail - reece.toscani@fireplaceproducts.co.uk

Skype - reece-fireplaceproducts

Twitter - @reecertoscani


Reece has been with us since the beginning helping add content and products to the website throughout 2007 whilst working in our showroom and was just 20 when the site launched in September of 2007. Since then he has been instrumental in the direction the website has taken and the approach we take day-to-day with our customers. Fireplace Products is very much his dream and he is still passionate about it today. Throughout the years Reece has worked in all departments, sales, marketing, development, design, despatch, in fact in 2008 he was doing it all single handedly before realising he needed help. Fast-forward to today and Fireplace Products has undergone major redesigns along the way, always looking to improve upon itself, offering more products to more people in the most user friendly way possible. It is now run independently to the showroom and has a dedicated team of passionate and committed people, handpicked by Reece for their individual skills. While taking more of a back seat to the day-to-day running of the office handing that responsibility over to Sam in 2016, Reece now concentrates all of his energy and enthusiasm into the long term direction that the company is heading in, sourcing new products and helping the marketing team in getting the Fireplace Products name out there through product videos, social media and shameless PR stunts. September 2016 saw the sixth major website redesign of which Reece played a big role in the design and implementation, bringing his vision of what an online ecommerce website should be focusing on giving the customer as much useful knowledge as possible so they can make an informed decision.



Sam Tucker

Despatch Manager


Phone - 01268 200139

E-Mail - sam.tucker@fireplaceproducts.co.uk


Sam joined Fireplace Products in winter 2011, she quickly picked up all of our admin procedures and began handling all of our online orders. Before long she was assisting Reece with order despatching, and booking in deliveries in with customers. As time has progressed Sam's product knowledge has continued to increase and she has taken over from Reece the day-to-day running the office. As well as frequently assisting the sales team with customer enquiries, Sam ensures all paperwork is up to date, lets the sales team know when their orders have arrived, and keeps on top of both the sales and warehouse teams making sure the customer is always at the forefront of everything we do.



Georgia Jefferies

Sales Consultant


Phone - 01268 200139

E-Mail - georgia.jefferies@fireplaceproducts.co.uk


Georgia has been with us since the start of March 2016 and in a short space of time has proven herself as one of our top sales consultants. As her knowledge has expanded, Georgia has been able to help an increasing number of customers find their perfect Fireplace Product and assist them in flue designs, custom made hearths and unique projects. Despite only being with us for a short space of time, Georgia has been a big help with the introduction and training of our newest members of the team. Furthermore no matter how busy it is or gloomy the weather outside, Georgia's positive can-do attitude always gives everyone in the office a little lift right when it is needed.






Lucy Hogg

Sales Consultant


Phone - 01268 200139

E-Mail - lucy.hogg@fireplaceproducts.co.uk


Lucy maybe one of our newest and youngest members of the sales team joining in August 2016, but she brings a real passion for work and dedication to the company. Coming in with some previous sales experience, Lucy is quickly learning the ins and outs of the fireplace industry and has been helping our network of trade customers find stoves and fires for their customers, helping her build strong product knowledge. Lucy is a fast learner and already has firm grasp of the products and services that we offer. We have high hopes for Lucy and think she will soon become an excellent addition to the Fireplace Products team.







David Lamb



Phone - 01268 200139

E-Mail - david.lamb@fireplaceproducts.co.uk


David joined our team in July 2016 to help with the launch of our latest version of the Fireplace Products website. He has an enthusiastic approach in everything he does, which ultimately leads to some great marketing ideas being born and social media engagement with our customers. David's talents also extend into analytics, helping us to analyse visitor data so that we can create a better website for the future, we are looking forward to David's continued contribution to the evolution of Fireplace Products in the years to come.




Steve & Paul

Warehouse & Despatch


In late 2015 Paul joined our team, bringing despatching and packaging experience with him, transforming the warehouse for the better. Steve joined the team in early 2016, bringing warehouse organisation, management and stock control experience with him. Since the two of them started working together, our despatching capacity and turn around has increased, damages have gone down, and our warehouse is more organised than ever before.










Fireplace Products - The History


To add some more depth and history to our About Us and the Fireplace Products journey, we spoke with our Director Reece Toscani who has spent his entire working career in and around fireplaces. Reece helped create the first version of Fireplace Products and this website is very much his project, so we thought we would let him tell you the story and the history of how the website came to be and how it and the team of people around it that have grown and evolved throughout the years.


"It was 2003 when I started working at Eva UK Ltd (Fireplace Product's parent company). I started off at the bottom as any inexperienced, straight-out-of-school 16 year-old would and helped out at weekends, loading bags of coal, directing traffic in the car park and being a general helper. As winter set in I think the ladies in the showroom took pity on me and asked me to help them out in the showrooms, moving displays and generally being on hand to assist them in selling. I took this time to listen and learn as much as I could about the products that we offered and continued to do so over the next two years while I was at college. Leaving college in 2005 I had a choice to make, pursue an interest in architecture and design at university or stay on at Eva UK Ltd and go full time in a sales role. A year or so later in late 2006 we decided to start work on a standalone website. Having an interest in computers and IT and having made several personal websites in the past I volunteered to take the project on part time and started work on building the first version of the Fireplace Products website.


"I spent much of 2007 splitting my time between serving in the showroom and creating content for the website, as at this time it was just a side project and we didn’t know if anything would come of it. By the time September 2007 came we had enough products to launch the first version and so we did. I remember it being slow going in the early days and I was still very much involved in the showroom and doing this on the side. We had little traffic coming through the website at first but slowly as time went by we saw more people coming to the site and we started to see orders coming in. I still remember the very first product that we sold online, it was a Dimplex Abbotsbury electric firebasket. As the weeks went by we saw increasing numbers of visitors to the website and more orders come through.


"At the start of 2008 it was still very much an individual effort, I was taking sales calls and answering customer enquiries, processing orders and packing them for despatch, all the while still adding new products to the website whenever I could and helping out in the showroom, it wasn't until September 2008, a year after we launched the first version, that I started working on the website full time. I remember making some mistakes along the way and having to learn the hard way about SEO and optimising the website. Thankfully we got past it and turned a corner as business started to grow and I needed to bring some more people in to help me, so I could spend less time on the admin side and focus my efforts on the sales.


"In 2010 I was three years in and I had a team of people helping me achieve what I set out to do and everything was moving in the right direction, so I took a step back from the sales to focus again on the website development. Adding new products, and increasing our online presence. It was the start of 2014 and after a few years, several logo changes and design improvements we launched the fifth version of the website, our crowning jewel and something that I spent the better part of six months working on bringing in some firsts for our industry such as stove filter searches, responsive mobile designs and hundreds of new products. The result was a stream of new visitors coming to us from all over the world. Fireplace Products had gone global.


"One year on and after some teething issues with the fifth version, work started on the next version of Fireplace Products dubbed 'V6'. We decided this time to bring in an external company to streamline the website and usher in a new era for Fireplace Products and see us through for the next few years. My team and I had a big input in the development and design process, working alongside the team, contributing ideas and making continual changes (much to their frustration I'm sure).


"The end result is what we have today, which I think is by far our best to date and now sets the standard for our competitors. I am very proud of what we have achieved over the past eight years and where we are heading as a company. I have a great team around me, who are great at what they do. This allows me to focus on the elements I really enjoy like finding new products from overseas and being the first to bring them to market in the UK. Finding new ways to interact with our customers and take on board what they are saying so we can offer a better service. Ultimately I am still, and will always be, working towards my original goals when we first created the Fireplace Products website; to of offer the biggest choice of products within our industry and help as many people find the right Fireplace Product for them.


"I would also like to take the opportunity to thank those members of staff who are no longer with the company and have taken other opportunities, for their contributions to making Fireplace Products what it is today."

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