Flues play a vital role in removing the combusted gases from the gas stove; clearly choosing the correct type is important, and understanding why is even more so. Therefore, welcome to a crash course in conventional and balanced flue, just for you!

A brick chimney is sometimes called Class 1 and is often signified by a chimney breast and fireplace opening. These are the most basic and traditional type of chimney, found in older houses. This type of chimney requires a conventional flue. It is also probably worth lining the chimney. Here is why.

If you have no chimney in your home, a balanced flue is the perfect option. It is made up of two pipes, one inside the other. This flues only work with glass fronted gas stoves, or fires, sealed from the room, balanced flue vents directly to the outside through the inner pipe. Air used to fuel the fire is drawn in from the outside through the outer pipe.

An alternative to a flue is to choose a flueless gas stove. This stove has a catalytic converter that burns off all the gases, meaning it requires no flue. Entirely self-contained, these easy to install fires can be hung from a wall or simply placed into a fireplace.

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