Stoves needn’t come in black cast iron. Controversial, we know, but many stove brands now offer a variety of colours. We’re huge fans of white stoves: enamel or powder-coated stoves, they have a beautiful ‘Scandi-chic’ appeal and brighten up any room. A white stove becomes a focal point of the room, no longer simply a provider of warmth, but a key element of your decor.

Here’s our top 6 white stoves:

6. Hwam 3630m

This is an exciting newcomer for 2017. The white stove version has previously been unavailable in the UK – until now!

5. Scan83-1 White Stove

The Scan 83-1 wood burning white stove is a contemporary cylindrical stove, offering a dazzling flame picture, and full 360 degree rotation, putting you in control of your fire experience.

4. Rais Pilar 153

The Rais Pilar 153 wood white stove is an outstanding design achievement with its cylindrical shape and enormous view of the flames through the large curved glass door.

3. Cera-Design Solitherm

The Cera-Design Solitherm wood burning stove ensures only 47 cm in diameter and takes up hardly any space in the smallest room. It has a remarkable heat storage capacity, such that eight kilos of wood are sufficient to heat a room for 10 hours.

2. Scan 66-2

The Scan 66-2 wood burning stove is a contemporary and elegant piece, featuring several unique glass innovations. A log retaining bar, door handles and controls made of tempered glass for the ultimate viewing experience, not to mention a considerable 8kW.

1. Jotul F305

The Jotul F305 wood burning stove is part of the F305 series which won the Norwegian Award for Design excellence and the Red Dot Design Award for 2015. The 305 series showcases the fire within, offering an unrivalled flame picture. The F305 has optional short or long legs, storage base, soapstone top, glass or steel floorplate. DEFRA approval means that you can burn wood inside smoke control zones.

jotul f305

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