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Arada worker making an Aarrow stove

A brand for all seasons

Aarrow have been at the forefront of stove technology for over 30 years, always pushing the limits and raising the bar for stove makers the world over. Together with Villager and Stratford, Aarrow forms the central pillar of the Arada group, the largest stove manufacturers in the UK.

In Aarrow, quality engineering meets progressive design, all with a view to maintaining our fragile environment; heating our homes and our hearts on those dreary winter nights. Aarrow, we salute you!

DEFRA approval

Nature first

Aarrow stoves are handcrafted in rural Devon with care and precision, sourcing their raw materials from the UK itself and offering a lifetime guarantee on all models. Aarrow is also renowned for their heavy emphasis on environmental responsibility, launching their range of cleaner burning Ecoburn stoves in 2005 which they have continued to improve year on year. This range features the Ecoburn plus DEFRA model, which is able to burn wood inside smoke control zones.



The Flexifuel Grate

Flexible fuel

Aarrow's patented flexifuel system is another game changer, this multifuel grate has a unique contoured design allowing you to burn either wood or smokeless coal. It is designed such that air is able to access the fuel from underneath, perfect for burning solid fuel, yet still retaining a bed of ash in the centre, perfect for burning wood.

The raised sides cause unburned fuel to fall down into the centre for a maximally efficient burn.



Transform your home

Aarrow wood-burning and multifuel stoves are everything you need to add warmth and charm to your home. These stoves are beautiful to behold and offer an exceptionally reliable source of heat that is supremely simple to operate. Nothing is more reassuring than curling up, snug and warm, in front of an Aarrow stove on a bitterly cold winter's evening.

The Aarrow Ecoburn 5


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