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Everhot Cookers (continued from above)

The Everhot 110i

Classic cooking

Everhot produce classic range cookers; built to last and to perform when you need it to, without compromising on function or power. Each Everhot connects to either one or two standard 13Amp power sources, meaning that there is no need for complex rewiring when installing.

Each Everhot has at least two ovens, a hot plate and two simmer plates with classic cool-to-touch wire handled lids, this state of the art range cooker has it all. This allows you to rest easy in the knowledge that your Everhot is ready and waiting to cook up a feast.

The Everhot 110i induction hob


Induction hob

In addition to standard simmer plates, all i-series Everhots have an induction hob, the perfect combination of old and new cooking technologies.

This is the future of cooking, the induction hob does not get hot itself but creates a moving magnetic field that heats any metal pots or pans placed on it, heating them directly but staying cool itself. If this isn't culinary magic we don't know what is!


The Everhot 110i


Feel the power

With more oven chambers you are getting at least twice the functionality of the standard cooker. All of which feature magnetic 'soft close' doors so you all that is needed is a gentle nudge and they'll close themselves!

Overall the Everhots put between 600-1200W of heat out into the room, dependent on their size, making these range cookers designed with comfort in mind.




The Everhot 110i control panel with eco mode

Economical controls

All Everhots are operated by either a concealed or external control box featuring simple to use controls for easy operation. As standard the Everhots have the ability to enter ‘ECO-mode’ to save on energy, this is a sort of sleep mode that conserves all the energy that would otherwise be wasted in turning the cooker on and off repeatedly. Your Everhot cooker comes with a free cookbook, customised for the new Everhot owner.

A colourful kitchen

Twelve distinct enamel colour finishes add a dimension of beauty to this high performance cooker, meaning you can choose the colour that is best suited to your tastes and your interior. The colours displayed below in order are: Burgundy, Dove grey, Blue, Cream, Graphite, Black, White, Aubergine, Teal, Green, Tangerine, Sage.

10 colour enamel finishes



You also have the option of a beautiful aesthetic twist with the Everhot Chrome Pack. Once the preserve of British sports cars, these striking metallic trimmings really put that quintessential British twist on the classic range cooker look.

The Everhot 110i is available with chrome trim

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