BSW Hotties Heatlog Chimenea Firepacks


Hotties Chimenea heatlog packs contain five mini heatlogs and are made in the UK from 100% renewable and clean wood. This easy to light in five minutes pack produces low ash, low smoke and low flue residues as it burn very cleanly. Depending upon your chimenea and the weather conditions one Hotties Chimenea firepack will burn for up to four hours. The mini hotties included measure 65mm wide x 200mm long and have a moisture content of around 5% (considerably lower than average seasoned firewood at around 25%). Designed originally for Chimeneas, Hotties Heatlog firepacks have also been tested on wood burning stoves and open fires and preform just as well. Each pack includes a FireMagic firelighter which is made from compressed recycled cardboard and candlewax, which is the base of the pack and used to light the five mini heatlogs above. The BSW Hotties Heatlog chimenea firepacks give full and clean burning with no spitting, or sparking no expansion during burning. Approximate weight of the fuel is 3.75KG.

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BSW Energy are part of the largest integrated forestry company in the UK. All the raw materials used in BSW products are sourced from their own sawmills in the UK and have been authorised by both the BSL and Woodsure (accredited by HETAS) which means that all of their fuels have been certified both safe and efficient to burn.

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