Caframo 810 Ultrair Stove Ecofan


The Caframo 800 Original Ecofan is a heat powered fan that is designed to assist in circulating the warm air that is created by wood burning or multifuel stoves. Improved warm air circulation results in greater comfort and less fuel consumption, they do not require batteries or mains power electricity.

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The Everhot 150i

Blades of glory

A stove top-fan helps to distribute the heat of the fire around your interior, and the best part is they generate their own electrical current from the heat itself, no batteries or sockets needed!

The Caframo 810 Ecofans have an optimal running temperature between 110°C and 345°C and comes with a 2 year warranty.

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More than just hot air

A stove fan gives you the best value for money in terms of fuel, allowing you to circulate the heat of your stove in the most efficient way possible.

The heat distribution of an ecofan

Canadian owned Caframo aims to improve the lives of their customers and their stove experience. The thing with Canadians is that their winters can be extreme, so it's safe to say Caframo know a thing or two about keeping warm. Creating stunning thermoelectric fans and priding themselves on high quality products you can rest assured that a Caframo fan comes with the Canadian seal of approval.

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