Caframo Ecofan Motor Replacement Kit


After much usage an Ecofan motor can wear out. Calfire Ecofan Replacement Motor Kits are available for customers who wish to install a new motor rather than sending the old unit back for repair, or purchasing a new Ecofan.

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The replacement task is straight forward with the push-on kits, however you must have the capability to be able to solder the new motor to the existing wires. The replacement kit comprises of a new motor and an allen or hex key to remove the blade and full instructions. The most common symptoms of a worn out motor is the Ecofan blades spinning slowly, taking longer to start, or needing a push to start turning. Use the drop downs to let us know which replacement motor you require.

Canadian owned Caframo aims to improve the lives of their customers and their stove experience. The thing with Canadians is that their winters can be extreme, so it's safe to say Caframo know a thing or two about keeping warm. Creating stunning thermoelectric fans and priding themselves on high quality products you can rest assured that a Caframo fan comes with the Canadian seal of approval.

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