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Our Central Heating Cookers Range...

Central heating cookers are the consummate 'lord of the cookers', they can heat your home and cook up a feast simultaneously, owing to their built in boiler systems. 

Considering adding a wood burning or multifuel cooker to your kitchen for a true taste of country living, but already have a gas boiler installed? Good news; thanks to some clever valves and systems you can now link the two systems together, meaning that while your wood/multifuel fired cooker is handling the Sunday Roast, you are generating hot water that can be stored into a tank for use later on. 

With various outputs available and the options to link into pumped or gravity fed systems, all the while your gas boiler is not being used, saving you on the gas bills. But the gas boiler is always there to make up the shortfall if one day you need a bit extra, in these cases a signal is sent to the gas boiler to automatically come on an generate the shortfall so that you are never without.

Since this is such a diverse category, searching for the perfect model to meet your requirements may be a considerable task, to make this less labour intensive we have developed a comprehensive Cooker Finder tool, simply match the criteria to your specifications and let the program do all the hard work, happy browsing!

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