Charnwood 6" Flue Pipe Boiler


The 6" Flue Pipe Boiler from Charnwood replaces the first 620mm of standard flue rising from the top of the stove and utilises the excess heat from the appliance that would otherwise be lost.

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In addition to this because the boiler is external the stove maintains its high clean-burn combustion efficiency. Depending upon the size of the stove and subsequent flue boiler, outputs of between 1.8kW and 3.4kW can be achieved with minimal effect on the nominal output of the stove. This can provide sufficient heat for domestic hot water and up to 3 radiators. This product can be used with any solid fuel product with a 150mm (6") flue diameter.

Established in 1972 Charnwood have become one of the foremost stove companies in Europe specialising in the creation of high quality fires and stoves. Charnwood stoves are designed and built to last. With many original Charnwood stoves still continue to heat peoples' homes 35 years later.

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