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We offer a wide selection of small and large clay chimineas for sale. The process of making an outdoor clay chimenea remains mostly unchanged for 400 years. Centuries ago, the stiflingly hot Mexican sun bathed the Mayan tribespeople in its life-giving rays; but the sun was fickle and would often hide its face behind dark clouds or disappear completely on cold and cloudless nights, and so the Mayan people fashioned the first chimeneas from the clay that they found in abundance. The perfect marriage of form and function, elegantly beautiful, the first chimeneas kept the rain off the fire and radiated the warmth of only a few logs to great effect.

Centuries later the garden chimenea is more popular than ever, enjoying a renaissance of style and production, yet not deviating too far from that original Mayan design. Clay chimeneas are now made in sections by pressing slabs of clay into plaster moulds, the sections are then joined together and left to dry. Once dry they are placed into a kiln before being hand painted and lacquered before being left to dry in the sun.

Over time minor improvements have been made to clay chimeneas, the bodies are now fatter with wider openings to accept larger logs and the side walls are now thicker for greater longevity. Despite these improvements and many outdoor clay chimeneas still come with Mexican/Mayan inspired patterns painted and embossed on their outer surface.

Typically wood burning a garden chimenea will bring the warm cosy atmosphere that a working indoor fire gives you, out to your garden. Looking for the perfect clay outdoor chimenea for your garden? Try using our filters to narrow your search criteria at the side of this page, so you can find the outdoor clay chimenea that’s right for you. 

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