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Behold our selection of construction items focused around the fireplace and heating industry. We have a selection of heat resistant plasters, renders, adhesives, grouts, construction boards, claddings and tiles. We also have building items like firebacks, lintels room vents, air grills and the tools/equipment you will need to use. Allowing you to buy everything you will need from one place.

Cassette stoves, built in stoves and fireplace generate tremendous heat, this is certain to damage and crack traditional plaster in the surrounding area, unless you use specially designed heat resistant plaster. Therefore heat resistant plaster is used instead of gypsum plaster where temperatures are likely to exceed 50°C, too high for regular gypsum plaster to stay on the wall. Heat resistant plaster arrives as blended fine powder material to be mixed with water to a form a spreadable, trowellable consistency. Similarly, render and screed with heat resistant properties are also available for a stress free and crack free floor.

Tiles require adhesives, the problem with regular adhesives is that the heat generated from a stove or real fire can dry them out which ultimately leads to tiles falling off the wall. Our heat resistant adhesives, grouts and mortars have been specifically designed for use in and around fireplaces and high temperature environments.

Our selection of fireboards and construction boards are all designed for use in high temperature environments and can come into direct contact with built-in stoves and fires, surviving the associated higher temperatures, without issue.

Looking to create a feature wall or give your chimney breast a makeover? Maybe you have just had your new cassette or built in stove or fire installed and you want to finish it off with some flair. Our selection of heat resistant wall paper is made from crushed vermiculite granules which is then attached to back paper, creating a textured and unique surface. You can also clad your wall in a natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tile to transform your fireplace. Finally we have a selection of wall claddings which make great feature walls behind contemporary freestanding stoves. Whichever you choose we have what you need to make a feature.

Bricks and blocks are still second to none when it comes to heat resistance. Bricks can be used to create magnificent traditional brick fireplaces creations, the possibilities are essentially endless for what you can build. Blocks are a great way to construct false chimney breasts, raising hearths off the floor, creating hidden log stores and base supports for cassette and built-in stoves and fires. Our selection of concrete and clay firebacks will ensure your chimney breast is highly heat resistant, and no longer vulnerable to prolonged heat damage. We also have a selection of Otty hoods which neatly fit onto the backs and make it easier to connect into the chimney with a flexible liner and gather hood.

We also offer all the tools you might need to make alterations to an existing fireplace, or work that needs doing for a new build or installation, look no further! We have a wide array of tools for the budding builder, and what's more you can add these items to an existing order and save yourself the hassle of having to pop out to your local hardware store.

If you have a property older than 2004, and installing a wood or multifuel appliance with an output greater than 5kW, then you will need to provide additional room ventilation by installation an air vent or grill into the room. We have a selection of different sizes and shapes available depending upon your requirement.

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