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One of the easiest ways to vent a gas stove is to utilise your home's existing chimney. Conventional flued fires rely on draught and circulation from around the home. Although a traditional way of enjoying a fire, conventional flued gas stove come in a huge array of styles to suit your room's décor. Conventional fires can be installed in a Class 1 brick or stone chimney. This chimney rises above the roofline and is the most traditional means of venting a fire's gases.

Another type of conventional flue is the Class 1 and 2 pre-fabricated flues, which are generally characterised by a metal flue cowl on the roof. Whilst looking somewhat more modern than a brick chimney, this flue vents gases in the same way, through the natural circulation of air in a home.

A Class 2 pre-cast flue are often identified by a metal flue cowl on the roof or a raised ridge terminal. These flues are generally thinner than other flues and are often found in modern homes. Generally, due to the slimmer profile, a fire to match is required.

Before you purchase your conventional flue gas stove you should know how to vent the gases. This will also help you to choose the right stove for you and your home. It is also necessary to understand how it works, how to keep it safe and maintain it before installation. For more information on which type of flued gas stove is right for you visit our blog.

There are many conventional flued fires to choose from, from some of the world's best designers, we recommend simply viewing the product list and seeing which fires are most suitable to your interior, but if you're really stuck try using our comprehensive filter tools to ease the search, simply input your requirements and let the program do the hard stuff. Happy browsing!

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