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Utilise the heat of your fire with our selection of cookware and cooking utensils for you stove, fireplace or outdoor fire. We have a wide selection of stove top humidifying kettles, to cast-iron cooking pots and waffle irons. We also have bamboo pizza paddles, barbecue utensils pizza rockers and fire tools. Cookware and cooking utensils are a great gift idea for someone you know who loves getting the most from their stove, fireplace or outdoor fire.

These utensils are suitable for a range of fire-based cooking appliances, feel free to take a look through our various products and let your inner chef out. Here are just  some of the different appliances that we offer:

The smoky taste, the novelty aprons, the unmistakable scent of summer; these are the hallmarks of a charcoal barbecue, the original outdoor oven.  Our selection of charcoal barbecues puts you in the driving seat, replete with latest technology for precise temperature control and high end cooking. Choose between stone, cast-iron and stainless steel models from some of the world's leading designers.

Wood burning cookers provide and revolutionise your kitchen at the same time, can you imagine the sound of a kettle gently bubbling away on the hob, ready to warm you with a cup of tea, or perhaps the mouth-watering sizzle of a thick cut of steak frying on a griddle? Ok, you can do this on an ordinary cooker, but with wood burning cookers you experience something completely extraordinary.  The majority of wood fired cookers have a glass firebox door, so you can see those dancing flames while you wait for your Sunday roast to cook. Also, the use of wood  means you can still use your cooker in the event of a power cut, making you energy independent.

Cooking stoves typically have a main combustion chamber, the heat of which is directed toward the oven chamber directly above, many models also have a hotplate above the oven chamber on the anterior surface, making these stoves the definition of versatility. Not to mention the heat output these stoves provide to the room in which they are situated, reducing the cost of your heating requirements considerably.

Today's firepits have been brought into the 21st Century, made from high quality materials and manufactured such that they can be easily moved from one location to another. The firepits in this range all feature grill attachments allowing you to cook over an open flame as our ancestors once did. There can be no underestimating the social benefits of cooking firepits, a true bonding experience.

We offer a vast array of fireplace products (hence the name), including fireplace packages, suites, fires, hearths, surrounds, beams, tile sets and much, much more. If the selection in this category is too broad for your needs, try using our filters to narrow your search criteria at the side of this page, so you can find the fireplace product that’s right for you. 

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