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Think of all the surfaces in your home that you don’t regularly use, gathering dust and a small army of fusty old ornaments, they are blank canvasses, waiting to fulfil their potential. Add a spark to these flat surfaces, literally, with a drop-in fire. This new range of fires are designed to fit into a gap in, say a work surface, floor, table-top, bar or bench - any flat surface, effectively transforming them into a hearth.

Drop-in fires are fuelled by bio-ethanol or electricity, which makes your styling options almost infinite. Bio-ethanol liquid is eco-friendly and clean burning meaning it doesn't require a chimney.

Bio fires combust bioethanol to produce water vapour and carbon dioxide, producing a clean and natural flame. These stoves are the future of clean burning, environmentally friendly fire, as bioethanol is produced through the fermentation of plants materials it is 'carbon neutral', and hence green. Carbon neutrality essentially means that the net carbon release of burning bioethanol is zero, as burning bioethanol will only release as much carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere as was originally bound up in plant sugars during photosynthesis, a complete equivalence.

Electric fires have also come a long way in recent years, forget the unconvincing flame effects of the electric stoves of old. Today's LED, LED and mesmerising mist technologies will astound you with their resemblance to the real thing.

We offer a vast array of drop-in fires from some of the world's best brands, so take a look around and find the fire that ticks all your boxes, or alternatively leave the hard work to us with our comprehensive Fire Finder search tool, simply input your requirements and our advanced search system will find the ideal model for you. 

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