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Chimney Liner

Chimney Liner

Flexible chimney liner is made from high grades of stainless steel and are designed to handle high temperatures and offer flexibility in getting around unforeseen bends inside your chimney stack. Soot and smoke can damage the mortar and brick inside a brick chimney over a long period of time. Thankfully by dropping a flexible chimney liner down into your chimney you can connect them onto you stove, fire or cooker thus negatting the need to fix or repair older chimneys. We offer chimney liner suitable for smokeless coal, wood or gas.

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Flexible flue liners are essentially designed to drop down a chimney and connect to a stove, fire or cooker, thus protecting the chimney walls themselves from accruing various sooty deposits and general wear and tear which, over time, can damage the mortar and brick compromise the integrity of the chimney. Without regular maintenance, cleaning and sweeping it can damage the "soundness" of a chimney.

There are two main kinds of flexible chimney liner often referred to as 316/316 or 904/904, these numbers tell you the grade of steel that is used on both the inner and outer coils that make up these liners. Adaptors are available to connect flexible liners onto vitreous or stainless steel flue pipes, and can be connected into existing chimney pots or rain caps.

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