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Companion Sets

Companion Sets

Companion sets are aptly named as these fire tool sets are the perfect complement for your stove, fire or fireplace. Consisting of three or more tools with an attractive stand we have a wide range of styles from traditional wrought iron to modern stainless steel.

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Available in a choice of heights and handle details companion sets often include a fire poker/log roller, coal tongs, brush and shovel. Great for moving logs or coal around at a safe distance fire pokers and tongs are a useful tool to have along with a brush and shovel for cleaning up any ash spillages that may occur.These products are not only functional, affording you control over your fire and enabling you to work safely and efficiently with fire, but they are decorative too, creating a traditional, quintessential fireplace aesthetic. Add a touch of class to your fireplace with these tools and don’t forget to decide how to store them, choose between wall mounted brackets or andirons.