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Fireplace Bellows

Fireplace Bellows

Fireplace bellows have been around for centuries assisting home owners in getting air into fireplaces and establishing roaring fires. We also offer a range of affordable ornamental bellows that can be used for decorative purposes, as well as our selection of functional hardwood bellows, allowing you to choose if you wish to use your fireplace bellows for ornamental or functional purposes.

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Bellows as a concept are centuries old. Fire subsists on oxygen, so naturally injecting more oxygen rich air into the heart of the fire encourages it to grow and spread. Bellows are a simple hand operated device designed to do exactly this, simple squeeze the handles together and then open them once more, the chamber fills with air as the handles are pulled apart, and then blown through the nozzle into the fire.

These products are not only functional, affording you control over your fire and enabling you to work safely and efficiently while getting the most out of the experience, but they are decorative too, creating a traditional, quintessential fireplace aesthetic. Add a touch of class to your fireplace with these tools and don’t forget to decide how to store them, choose between wall mounted brackets or andirons.

We offer a vast array of fireplace products (hence the name), including fireplace packages, suites, fires, hearths, surrounds, beams, tile sets and much, much more. If the selection in this category is too broad for your needs, try using our filters to narrow your search criteria at the side of this page, so you can find the fireplace product that’s right for you.