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Fireplace Fenders

Fireplace Fenders

Fireplace fenders were originally thought to have been introduced to keep ladies skirts away from the fire, today fireplace fenders provide an authentic and decorative demarcation to the edge of any traditional or period hearth. They also help to retain ash or cinders within the fireplace area. We offer both period club fenders as well as a range of lower fireplace fenders all of which are available in several widths and depths, with some having the option for made-to-measure sizing.

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Hearth fenders aren't complicated, simple guards to protect your carpet and your room from the stray embers and ash that accompany a working fire. Available in a range of widths and depths some of our fireplace hearth fenders have the option for made-to-measure sizing. Club Fenders typically suited for grander stately homes and manor houses come with ornate rails and even have cushions on top, perfect for perching by the fireplace. These products are not only functional, affording you control over your fire and enabling you to work safely and efficiently with it, but they are decorative too, creating a traditional, quintessential fireplace aesthetic. Add a touch of class to your fireplace with a fireguard!