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Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat resistant gloves are an essential tool for a stove, fire or fireplace owner. These gloves give your hands protection when working with wood burning or multifuel stoves and are great for opening hot door handles and protecting your hands from the heat of the fire when loading logs.

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Gloves are available in a wide selection of colours and are sold individually or as a pair. A log rolls out the fire and onto the floor or if the stove door handle becomes too hot,pop on the heat resistant glove and exercise caution.Tongs do not afford enough dexterity when push comes to shove, heat resistant gloves allow you to do the tricky things. Call them fireplace gloves, heat resistant gloves or fire proof mittens, all of our gloves and mittens offer great flame resistant high temperature hand protection and are available in a selection of colours and sizes. Available individually or as a pair, we also have a selection of heat resistant mittens, if you would prefer a mitten rather than a glove and some are available as extra-long gauntlets for full arm fire protection.