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Moisture Meters & Alarms

Moisture Meters & Alarms

Moisture meters let you know the percentage of moisture there is within a log, great to make sure your fuel is well seasoned. Carbon monoxide alarms are required now under Building Regulations part J for all wood burning, multifuel and gas installations. They should have a battery with audible alarm and be placed within 3m of the appliance. Flue pipe thermometers measure the flue gas temperature and give you an approximation as to how hot you are burning the stove; very useful if you are new to wood burning.

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Alarms and meters are convenient gadgets that help you get the most out of your stove, fire or cooker, and make the overall experience safer and more efficient. There are various models with various features, for instance moisture meters detect the percentage of moisture in a given log, which is an indicator of how well and efficiently it will burn (the dryer better).