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Bio-Ethanol & Gel Fuel

Bio-Ethanol & Gel Fuel

Bio-ethanol put simply is a flammable liquid, created from plants, that burns cleanly producing only water vapour and carbon dioxide. Burning bio-ethanol is deemed clean and ecological as no smoke or unpleasant smells are present whilst burning and it leaves no residue, soot, ashes or harmful substances once finished. Firegel has a much higher viscosity than bio-ethanol, it burns fast without much heat and produces more of a decorative and lazy flame.

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The Great Green Revolution has at long last extended its leafy tendrils into the fire market. Bio fires combust bioethanol to produce water vapour and carbon dioxide, producing a clean and natural flame. These stoves are the future of clean burning, environmentally friendly fire, due to the fact that bioethanol is produced through the fermentation of plant material, therefore making it 'carbon neutral', and hence green. Carbon neutrality essentially means that the net carbon release of burning bio-ethanol is zero, as burning bioethanol will only release as much carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere as was originally bound up in plant sugars during photosynthesis, a complete equivalence. As opposed to other fuel sources, such as coal, which typically are producing a net addition of carbon into the atmosphere upon being burned.

Typically bio fires and gel burners are designed to give more of a decorative flame effect, with heat as a by-product and so shouldn't be relied upon as a source of primary heating. This being said, some models do have an output of up to 7kW and thanks to how clean bio fires burn, no chimney or flue is required, therefore bio fires are 100% efficient. There is a wide range of styles available with bio fires so we are sure to have something for you. The advantage of gel burners over bio fires is that the gel fuel being burnt is more viscous than bio ethanol, a liquid, and hence less likely to be spilt or splashed and is therefore less hazardous.

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