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Hardwood, Softwood & Kiln Dried Logs

Hardwood, Softwood & Kiln Dried Logs

We only offer Kiln Dried Hardwood which has been cut, seasoned and placed into a kiln to have the moisture baked out of the wood. The number one factor that determines how much heat you get from your fuel is moisture content. Too much moisture and your fuel burns lazily and inefficiently, as the fire's energy is wasted boiling the moisture out of the wood, and too little moisture and you will be burning your fuel very quickly and at very high temperatures.

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Wood is the original fuel, humans have been burning it for millennia, and we've only grown more efficient at it. Essentially the quality of the burn depends largely upon the moisture content of the wood itself, anything over 50% will make for a poor, smoky burn, this is because the energy is essentially being wasted in raising the temperature of the moisture inside the logs to create steam, which is why the smoke is thick and white. Wood with low moisture content levels however will burn hot, bright and efficiently, with a greater level of energy being released as warmth and light into the surrounding area.

This is why we offer kiln dried wood, with moisture levels as low as 16%, these logs will make for a superior burn and ensure that you are getting the most for your money. The kiln essentially bakes the moisture out of the wood, but not before the logs have been expertly cut and seasoned. Don't forget to check out our selection of softwood kindling; softwood, as opposed to hardwood, burns quickly and with great output. This makes it ideal for starting fires, but not maintaining them, typically then softwood is used as kindling, and hardwood or kiln dried logs are used for sustaining the actual fire. Only a small amount of softwood kindling will be required to start an effective fire, whether you choose to light from the top down (the Scandinavian way), that is a base of hardwood logs followed by a layer of softwood kindling and crowned with a firelighter, or the more traditional bottom down method, that is newspaper and kindling underneath a pile of hardwood, kiln dried logs.

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