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Ash Caddies & Vacs

Ash Caddies & Vacs

Burning wood and smokeless coal produces great heat and a fantastic, mesmerising flame, but it also produces ash as a by-product of the burning process. We have all done it, lit a fire and soon realised that we haven't emptied the ashpan out after the last burn.

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Now the ash is hot with new embers falling int it, but what do you do as you can’t safely dispose of hot ashes. An ash bucket (and hardy gloves) are perfect to deposit the ash into for safe disposal later. The amount of ash produced depends on the fuel you burn and moisture content, so having a dedicated ash bucket or caddy can make the task of cleaning out your stove, fire or fireplace that much easier, minimising the time it takes to properly maintain your appliance. We also have a selection of ash vacuum cleaners which can help to make light work of clearing any hard to reach ash.