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Hearth Tiles

Hearth Tiles

Our selection of hearth tiles offers an affordable alternative to the high shine polished fireplace hearths and see-through glass floor plates .

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We have a range of natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles that are sold individually so that you can construct your own hearth. All our natural stone hearth tiles can be cut to size, just let us know your requirements. Perfectly suited for use with stoves , fires , cookers and fireplaces . alike! Don’t forget to order enough to cover your back hearth if you are going to use our hearth tiles with a fireplace. Hearth tiles can either be used as the finish to a construction hearth: building regulations require stoves that project temperatures exceeding 100°C downward to sit upon 225mm of concrete, these tiles can constitute the decorative top to such a hearth, so deduct the tiles' thickness 225mm to determine the thickness of concrete that is required beneath. Alternatively, if your stove of fire projects less than 100°C downwards, building regulations only necessitate a 'superficial hearth' of 12mm minimum thickness, so if you have a combustible floor these tiles can be used as the superficial hearth itself. Simply inlay them into them floor, to create a rustic and natural hearth area that is clearly demarcated (also a requirement of building regulations). Contrary to popular belief, natural stone is not difficult to keep clean. For light marking, a rub with a damp cloth is usually sufficient, and warm soapy water and a scrubbing brush will see off all but the most stubborn marks. If that fails, the stone can be brought back to "as new" with the application of warm soapy water, a carborundum stone (bought at hardware stores for sharpening knives and chisels) and a generous helping of elbow grease. In terms of bespoke sizing, we know no two homes are alike and with the ability to mix-and-match products, you will often need something cut to size to suit your requirements. We have the ability to cut, shape and polish a variety of different materials to suit your needs, speak to a member of our sales team for further help and assistance with our bespoke service or if you require any additional assistance with one of our fireplaces.