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Stove Hearths

Stove Hearths

Our range of stove hearths consists of a wide choice of natural stone, steel and resin materials. There are different shapes and sizes available depending upon where you intend to place the floor plate.

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Stove hearths work well with our range of corner fireplaces .Available in a wide range, stone floor plates and resin are ideally suited for use with contemporary stoves and fires that have a raised firebox and project a hearth temperature of less than 100°C. Steel floor plates on the other hand can be as thin as 1mm and must be placed onto a non-combustible floor. The recent proliferation of new materials available for hearths and has redefined what a hearth means. A typical constructional hearth needs to be 225mm total thickness including a concrete base and decorative top. With the introduction of the 100°C regulation a new definition of hearth was introduced, the superficial hearth. This maintains that stoves projecting a hearth temperature of less than 100°C can be placed onto a combustible floor with a non-combustible material between them with a minimum thickness of 12mm, effectively setting the stove free from the fireplace and allowing you to place it almost anywhere in a room provided it projects less than 100C downwards, and a 12mm superficial hearth exists between the stove and a combustible floor. Stone floor plates are slightly thicker than the 12mm because stone is more brittle and liable to break than steel or glass, hence the minimum thickness being 20mm, which more meets the minimum superficial hearth requirement. If you have a stone or tiled floor down where you plan to place your stove then technically you already have a non-combustible material beneath the stove, thus negating the need for a full-on construction hearth. However, building regulations also state that a hearth should be a clear demarcation of the heating area around a fireplace, fire or stove and so simply placing on top of this would not conform. Instead a way around this would be to use a stone floor plate. At around 20mm thick these plates a rustic visual guide to the hearth area, and clearly denotes a visual demarcation of the fireplace, stove heating area in compliance with regulations. Note they can only be used in conjunction with stoves that do not raise the hearth temperature above 100°C . In terms of bespoke sizing, we know no two homes are alike and with the ability to mix-and-match products, you will often need something cut to size to suit your requirements. We can cut, shape and polish a variety of different materials to suit your needs. Speak to a member of our sales team for further help and assistance with our bespoke service or if you require any additional assistance with one of our fireplaces.