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Fireplace Back Panels

Fireplace Back Panels

Our range of Back Panels and Slips Sets help to customize your very own fireplace. While both back panels and slip sets are supplied in a variety of natural stone, they differ in size, pieces and function. Pair a back panel or slip set with any of our fires or stoves or further your customisation with our section of hearths or surrounds.

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    Ostensibly, there is no difference between back panels and slips, and each is manufactured from high quality natural stone. The only difference being that back panels are a single piece of stone with a 16" x 22" hole pre-cut, ready to accept an insert, whereas slip sets are comprised of three separate panels. Slip sets are made up of two legs and a header (or jamb as its also known), that connect to achieve the same effect. They are used with a chamber by bridging the gap between the inside edge of the surround and the outside edge of the chamber opening.
    The function of back panels and slips are to place distance between the inside edge of the fireplace surround and the outer edge of the fire-chamber opening, without leaving an unsightly gap or negative space. Available as part of our mix-and-match selection, here you can choose from a range of cast-iron inserts to suit your taste and home and create your very own custom fireplace.