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Stone Fireplace Surrounds

Stone Fireplace Surrounds

Unlike stone fireplaces, which included a matching hearth and back panel, stone fireplace surrounds allow you to mix and match colours and materials to create a unique signature fireplace. Our range of stone fireplace surrounds are available in limestone, natural marble, granite, sandstone and micro-marble.

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Our selection of stone fireplace surrounds combines many different styles from various era's in history, so we have a surround to suit almost any room. Explore our options of hearths and back panel to create the perfect look for your room. Limestone is neutral in colour, constituting an unassuming background to the rest of your interior and foregrounding the fire within. This will suit almost any room and any colour scheme, contributing a natural rustic element to its surroundings. Limestone surrounds are compatible with all fuel options a Limestone Fireplace could be the perfect choice for your room and look equally at home in contemporary or modern settings. Limestones are composed of grains, most of which are the skeletal fragments of marine organisms. Our natural marble surrounds are carved from solid stone, displaying intricate natural veins and subtle colour variations. Also featured in this category are micro-marble surrounds, these fireplaces are manufactured from crushed natural marble stone, mixed with a bonding agent which is then poured into a mould, making them much less expensive than natural marble and with the added benefit that these can be made to measure. You can use electric, gas or solid fuel fires, or even stoves, with these surrounds. Our granite surrounds are carved from polished black granite, displaying intricate natural veins and subtle colour variations, and come in a variety of styles and designs. You can use electric, gas or solid fuel fires, or even stoves, with these fireplaces, and they will look equally at home in either contemporary or traditional settings. Available as part of our mix-and-match selection, here you can choose from a range of stone surrounds to suit your taste and home. Each is sold individually allowing you to combine them with a hearth, back panel or slip set of your choice, and don't forget the main event, the fire basket or stove.