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Corner Fireplaces

Corner Fireplaces

    Transform the dead corner space in your room by converting it into a corner fireplace. This selection of corner fireplaces and stoves are purpose made to sit almost flush against a non-combustible wall, therefore dramatically saving on space compared to to a traditional wood burning fireplaces that needs space all the way around it.

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   A corner fireplace will turn your room into the cosy haven of warmth you've always wanted. Corner stoves are truly a miracle of design and engineering prowess, making the absolute best use of space among all stoves. Corners are usually dead space in rooms, very few furnishings or fixtures are designed to perfectly dovetail with a right angle corner, but this species of stove does exactly that, what better way to utilize that dead space than fitting a corner stove to inject some light and life into your interior.        Corner stoves are a diverse breed, coming in many different forms: free standing or cassette, wood burning or multifuel, contemporary or traditional, the choices are simply endless. The most important factor when choosing a corner stove is whether your corner is concave or convex, or in other words do you need a cassette stove to embedded into an outward facing corner, perhaps at the edge chimney breast, or a freestanding model to simply slot into the corner of a room. Don't forget to keep an eye out for DEFRA approval when browsing the catalogue of contemporary stoves, this means that a stove is permitted to burn wood inside Smoke Control Zones owing to its low emission profile, if you live in a smoke control zone then this is essential. We have a massive range of corner stoves from some of the world's leading brands,so take a look around and find the stove that ticks all the right boxes, or alternatively leave the hard work to us with our comprehensive stove finder search tool, simply input your requirements and our advanced search system will find the ideal model for you.