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Wall Mounted Gas Fires

Wall Mounted Gas Fires

Wall mounted gas fires could not be easier to instal, pick the wall, fit the bracket, hang the fire and connect the gas. Unlike hole in the wall fires, there is minimal mess and you do not need a chimney breast or deep wall to recess the fire into, simply hang the gas fire on the wall like a picture, then enjoy the warmth and ambiance of the flames without your space being infringed upon. Typically, wall mounted gas fires tend to be more contemporary in design and lend themselves to balanced flues or flueless fires.

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Everything worth showing off is wall mounted: paintings, certificates, trophies and now fires too. The wall mounted fire is designed to take up the minimal amount of space, whilst still providing ample heat and ambience. Wall mounting is a solid and convenient installation choice, but there are still many other decisions to be made. 

We stock wall mounted fires from some of the world's leading designers, the sheer aesthetic variety and design innovation that is exemplified in this range of wall mounted fires is astounding. There's never been a better time to invest in a wall mounted fire. The advantages of gas fires cannot be overstated, they offer ease of use and total control to produce stunning effects, and are the fire of choice for many millions of buyers owing to their wonderful simplicity. Wall mounted gas fires will require flues, but there are plenty of choices available.