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Inset Wood Burners

Inset Wood Burners

Typically inset wood burners are fitted into a standard British 16" x 22" fireplace opening. There are two main types of inset wood burner, those that can fit into an existing fireplace opening with a tapered fireback in place and those that require the fireback to be removed first. We have a great selection of inset wood burners and stoves from some of the world's best brands.

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Inset stoves are essentially designed to be placed onto a hearth and into a standard UK fireplace opening (16"w x 22"h), they vent the hot gasses or smoke straight up the chimney, which may or may not need to be lined. There is often confusion about the difference between inset and cassette stoves. We define an inset stove as a stove that must be fitted onto a hearth. That is to say some cassette stoves can be inset stoves, but an inset stove can’t be a cassette stove.

Many British fireplaces have a tapered clay fireback in them, therefore many insets stove have a corresponding tapered back to be able to fit straight into such fireplaces, however some do not and may require the clay fireback to be removed before the inset stove can be removed.

Some inset stoves have letter box openings and others circular openings that can simply vent the gasses straight into the open chimney, however it may be necessary to fit some inset stoves with a flue and liner extending up inside the chimney depending on its structural soundness; this is because when the hot gasses exit the stove and enter the chimney they quickly encounter the existing, denser cold air resting in the open space and have to displace it to continue up and out of the chimney. This can take a long time, thus preventing the proper air flow that the stoves were designed to operate with, and can even result in smoke or gasses coming back into the room. To find out more about whether lining a chimney is necessary for you, read this article from our blog. 

We have a massive range of inset stoves from some of the world's best brands, so take a look around and find the stove that ticks all the right boxes, or alternatively leave the hard work to us with our comprehensive Stove Finder search tool, simply input your requirements and our advanced search system will find the ideal model for you.