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Gas BBQs

Gas BBQs

LPG barbecues - now we're cooking (on gas)! Is there anything better than that Friday feeling when you finish work and the sun is shining? Stop at the shop on your way home pick up some burgers, sausages and kebabs, pop into the garden, switch on the gas and in a matter of minutes you're barbecuing like the king of the grill. No need to wait for charcoal to get up to temperature and turn white; switch the gas on, let the grill heat up and away you go.

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LPG barbecues are all of the fun and none of the faff. No need to wait for that fusty old charcoal to get up to heat, simply hit the gas and get cooking. Impromptu barbecues are now firmly in the realms of possibility, found yourself free on an unexpectedly sunny afternoon? You'll be glad of your new LPG barbecue, now get out into the sunshine and prove that you're the true king of the grill.

Owning a barbecue is a lifestyle choice, revolutionising your social life and your outdoor space simultaneously. Your garden will quickly become the place to be, an al fresco kitchen and you're the head chef (just don't let the power go to your head). Entertaining guests has never been easier, or more enjoyable, your summers will never be the same again.

Our selection of LPG barbecues are perfect if you are looking to bring the kitchen outside and into the garden. If the selection is too broad for your needs or requirements, try using our filters to narrow your search criteria at the side of this page, so you can easily find the barbecue that’s right for you.