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Chimineas (Chi-men-ea) were first created in Mexico and are a freestanding front-loading fireplace with a bulbous body and a vertical chimney. The cleverly designed bowl and flume allow for maximum heat to be radiated around the garden, whilst keeping the smoke controlled and blowing directly upwards. Chimineas were traditionally built from fired clay which was readily available, these days chimineas have evolved to include modern designs made from steel and cast iron.

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Cast-Iron Chimineas

Cast-Iron Chimineas

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Modern Chimineas

Modern Chimineas

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The perfect marriage of form and function, elegantly beautiful, chimeneas contain the fire and radiate the warmth of only a few logs to great effect.

Chimenea (Chi-men-ea) n. Originally from Mexican Spanish, a freestanding front-loading fireplace or oven with a bulbous body and a vertical smoke vent or chimney. The history of the chimenea is evident in its quaint and simple form; a freestanding fire vessel, a bulbous body with a large opening and a vertical vent: so elegant and simple a design that it has largely gone unchanged for many hundreds of years (if it isn't broken, why fix it?). Traditionally chimeneas were made from fired clay, owing to its abundance in Spain and Mexico and the heat tolerance it provides. More recently, however, many cast iron and steel models have come to market, providing a contemporary twist on a timeless classic.

Modern chimeneas take the ancient Mayan design of the clay chimenea and supply a modern twist. Typically manufactured from durable steel, these contemporary pieces boast clean, minimalist aesthetics, resembling pieces of modern sculptural art as much as they resemble their clay cousins. A modern chimenea is a perfect marriage of form and function, simple to behold yet beautiful beyond belief.

Traditional chimeneas sit somewhere between clay chimeneas and modern abstract chimeneas on the 'contemporary' scale, obvious this is largely subjective, but the chimeneas in this category tend to resemble the clay chimeneas of ancient Mayan design; a round body, open front and vertical chimney. Traditional chimeneas are typically made from cast iron, steel or a mix of the two for a rustic and reliable aesthetic.

Cooking chimeneas can be clay, traditional or modern in design, but what they all have in common is a grill or semi grill that inserts into the main fire chamber through the open front, allowing you to cook straight over the open flame. What better way to connect with our ancient origins than cooking with fire here and now, to gain first-hand experience of the raw and simple utility of the flame.

Our selection of clay chimeneas are perfect if you are looking to bring the warm cosy atmosphere that a working indoor fireplace gives you, out to your garden. If the selection is too broad for your needs, try using our filters to narrow your search criteria at the side of this page, so you can find the chimenea that’s right for you.