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Cast-Iron Chimineas

Cast-Iron Chimineas

An alternative to the classic clay chiminea, traditional chimineas are durable, heavyweight and sturdy. Taking presence and commanding attention, traditional chimeneas are made from steel, cast-iron or a mix of the two, each chiminea ensures you make the most of your outdoor space when the temperature drops. Keep it nearby when dining alfresco and enjoy the warmth of a real wood fire. Gather friends and family and keep warm as the twilight lingers and dusk settles in around you.

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Traditional chimeneas sit somewhere between clay chimeneas and modern abstract chimeneas on the 'contemporary' scale, obvious this is largely subjective, but the chimeneas in this category tend to resemble the clay chimeneas of ancient Mayan design; a round body, open front and vertical chimney. Traditional chimeneas are typically made from cast iron, steel or a mix of the two for a rustic and reliable aesthetic.

These chimeneas provide light and warmth in equal measure, banishing the cold and allowing you to extend your potential garden use into the evenings and nights, whilst also constituting a focal point for your outdoor space and transforming your garden into an art gallery. Gather family and friends round this centre-piece, toast some marshmallows, or simply kick back and bask in the glow of dancing flames.

Typically wood burning, our selection of traditional chimeneas are perfect if you are looking to bring the warm cosy atmosphere that a working indoor fireplace gives you, out to your garden. If the selection is too broad for your needs, try using our filters to narrow your search criteria at the side of this page, so you can find the chimenea that’s right for you.