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Modern Chimineas

Typically engineered from durable steel, modern chimineas are an evolution of the traditional clay chimineas and provide a contemporary focal point for your garden. Sleek, chic and undeniably cool, this collection of modern fireplaces are a stark contrast to the classic chiminea shape which hasn’t changed for over 400 years! Turn your garden into an art gallery and invite your friends and family round to enjoy this abstract design statement. Modern chimeneas take the ancient Mayan design of the clay chimenea and supply a modern twist. Typically manufactured from durable steel, these contemporary pieces boast clean, minimalist aesthetics, resembling pieces of modern sculptural art as much as they resemble their clay cousins. A modern chimenea is a perfect marriage of form and function, simple to behold yet beautiful beyond belief. These chimeneas provide light and warmth in equal measure, banishing the cold and allowing you to extend your potential garden use into the evenings and nights, whilst also constituting a focal point for your outdoor space.