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Typically made from steel and fire bowls, braziers allow a lot of air to pass through the fire meaning a fast and hot burning heat that is driven by the direction of the wind. Our selection of braziers and fire bowls have been brought into the modern age with sleek affordable designs.

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Braziers and fire bowls differ from firepits in that they allow the passage of air through the fire and from underneath, resulting in a faster more intense burn. Choose from traditional to contemporary styles and revolutionise your outdoor space, creating an instant centrepiece around which you and your loved ones can gather. Today's fire braziers and fire bowls have been brought into the 21st Century, made from high quality materials and manufactured such that they can be easily moved. Perfect for intimate gatherings or high energy parties, firebaskets will ensure you can make the most of your garden long after the sun has set and the stars are twinkling.