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Wood Firepits

Wood Firepits

Wood firepits in their basic form are containers of fire and have been used for centuries to give warmth and comfort in times of need. Dating back to early man mastering fire is what set us on the evolutionary path we are today, and even now watching wood burn on a firepit can almost transport you back in time giving us a connection to our ancestors.

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Firepits aren't complicated, they are simple and elegant containers for fuel and fire. Fire was once the social glue that held early societies together; we gathered around for warmth and wellbeing. The same primal experience is available to us today in the form of the firepit, emanating both light and warmth, and providing truly panoramic views of the hypnotic and reassuring flames. Perfect for those heady summer evenings when you’re with your family and friends, there’s no need to retreat from nature and cut the evening short once the sun has set, just light a fire and keep the day alive.

Today's firepits have been brought into the 21st century, made from high quality materials and manufactured such that they can be easily moved. There are plenty of accessories available for use with your firepit including barbecue grills, raincovers and cooking tools, be sure to take a look through our range of outdoor accessories before you leave.

The firepits in this category are made of high quality metal, able to withstand the high temperatures and reflect the heat and light capably.  If the selection is too broad for your needs or requirements, try using our filters to narrow your search criteria at the side of this page, so you can easily find the firepit that’s right for you.