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Gel Fires & Oil Torches

Gel Fires & Oil Torches

Our selection of modern and stylish garden oil torches will light up your garden for the evening ahead. All of our torches include a fibreglass wick, child resistant mechanism, wick guard and flame snuffer. Oil torches are a fantastic way of injecting a real flame into the garden, lighting up dark areas at night to enjoy from your conservatory, or perhaps a garden party with friends and family to add light and ambience. Garden oil torches provide the reassuring ambient glow of a flickering flame to your outdoor space, allowing you to enjoy your garden to its full potential. 

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Oil torches are a fantastic way of lighting up dark areas at night, either enjoy the views from your conservatory or entertain guests out in the fire light, the possibilities are endless.Owning a garden torch is a lifestyle choice. Your garden will quickly become the place to be. Entertaining guests has never been easier, or more enjoyable, and your summers will never be the same again.