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Pizza Ovens

Pizza Ovens

Do you own a pizza oven? More than 18 million people in the UK own a barbecue and the number continues to grow year on year, but how many of your friends and family own an outdoor pizza oven? Be the envy of them when you invite them round this summer for a barbecue only to light up your new wood fired pizza oven and watch them gather round with excitement. Why not have a pizza party and let everyone create their own pizza and cook it in minutes.

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We're in the middle of the barbecue renaissance, the golden age of outdoor cooking; we are the kings and queens of the grill, our spatulas are our sceptres and our aprons are our robes. Halcyon days indeed, but the times are changing, barbecues are evolving and adapting to better meet our insatiable hunger. The pizza oven now emerges to dominate the outdoor cooking market; burgers, sausages and kebabs are all very well, but they are no match for a freshly cooked pizza, hand-made only moments ago, now all crisp crust and bubbling cheese in a matter of minutes.

Our pizza ovens are available as modular add-ons for existing barbecues or as self-contained discrete entities. Owning a pizza oven is a lifestyle choice, revolutionising your social life and your outdoor space simultaneously. Your garden will quickly become the place to be, an al fresco kitchen and you're the head chef. Entertaining guests has never been easier, or more enjoyable, your summers will never be the same again.

Our selection of pizza ovens are perfect if you are looking to bring the kitchen outside and into the garden. If the selection is too broad for your needs or requirements, try using our filters to narrow your search criteria at the side of this page, so you can easily find the oven that’s right for you. Here's a blog post on how to operate your pizza oven.