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Wood Burning Cookers

Wood Burning Cookers

Wood burning cookers provide and revolutionise your kitchen at the same time, can you imagine the sound of a kettle gently bubbling away on the hob, ready to warm you with a cup of tea, or perhaps the mouth-watering sizzle of a thick cut of steak frying on a griddle? Ok, you can do this on an ordinary cooker, but with wood burning cookers you experience something completely extraordinary.

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The majority of wood fired cookers have a glass firebox door, so you can see those dancing flames while you wait for your Sunday roast to cook. Also, the use of wood means you can still use your cooker in the event of a power cut, making you energy independent. We have a massive range of wood burning cookers from some of the world's leading brands, so take a look around and find the fire that ticks all the right boxes.