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Wood Burning Cookers

Wood Burning Cookers

The ultimate in traditional cooking methods and harking back to the days when the cooker was the centre of the home, wood burning cookers are as popular today as they have ever been. Our comprehensive range of wood burning cookers have been selected to provide you with plenty of choice. If you're thinking of going off-grid, looking to warm your home or simply dreaming of a dinner cooked with the heat of a fire, we have the cooker for you.

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In humanity's distant past fire was the best technology around. It allowed early civilization to flourish and grow, to make camps and cook meat, in short, to live. What better way to connect with our ancient origins than cooking with fire here and now, to gain first-hand experience of the raw and simple utility of the flame. Specifically designed for cooking off grid, a wood burning cooker makes the most of your fire's energy, spelling self-sufficiency and energy independence.

Wood burning cookers provide and revolutionise your kitchen at the same time, can you imagine the sound of a kettle gently bubbling away on the hob, ready to warm you with a cup of tea, or perhaps the mouth-watering sizzle of a thick cut of steak frying on a griddle? Ok, you can do this on an ordinary cooker, but with wood burning cookers you experience something completely extraordinary.  The majority of wood fired cookers have a glass firebox door, so you can see those dancing flames while you wait for your Sunday roast to cook. Also, the use of wood  means you can still use your cooker in the event of a power cut, making you energy independent.

We have a massive range of wood burning cookers from some of the world's leading brands, so take a look around and find the fire that ticks all the right boxes, or alternatively leave the hard work to us with our comprehensive Cooker Finder search tool, simply input your requirements and our advanced search system will find the ideal model for you.