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Flueless Gas Stoves

Flueless Gas Stoves

Flueless Gas Stoves are the definition of modern convenience: less smell, less effort and much less mess, but still producing the same vital warmth and the same hypnotic flames; the remaining post-combustion gases pass through a catalytic converter to create carbon dioxide, hence no flue requirements. So if you're looking for greater control of your fuel bills, high efficiency and portability, our selection of flueless gas stoves are the fireplace product for you! We also have a complete range of gas stove available if needed, so whichever stove you need Fireplace Products have the one for you.

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Imagine being able to enjoy the heat, real flame and style of a stove anywhere in the home, regardless of whether you have a chimney or not. Flueless gas stoves simply connect to natural gas (mains) or LPG. A catalytic converter ensures the efficiency of these stoves, meaning you get the most amount of heat from your fuel.

Flueless gas stoves come with a variety of fuel effects to give the impression of a log or coal fire but without the mess and hassle of real wood or coal. Perfectly suited to conservatories, sheds and out buildings and LPG versions are portable, making their possible uses endless.