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Stove Fans

Stove Fans

Stove fans are a great way of re-distributing the rising hot air off the top of your stove and pushing it further into the room. Stove fans, also known as Ecofans work because of a temperature differential between the base of the fan sitting on a hot surface, and the top sitting in rising warm air. Help to distribute your stoves warmth all through your room.

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Ecofans work through temperature differential. This means that when the base of the fan sits on the top of a working stove, there is a difference in temperature between the bottom of the fan and the top – don’t forget that part. Ready for the science? Ok, hold on tight… This is known as the Seebeck Effect. Static electricity is generated in a semi-conductor device when a static electric potential difference is created by two dissimilar semiconductors connecting together. The difference in temperature at either end of the fan causes the heated electrons to flow from the hot end to the cooler end, across the joined semiconductors which allows electrons to flow. This creates a current which powers the fan’s motor.