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Wood Burning Stoves

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Wall mounted wood burning stoves offer a fusion between fashion and function as they combine the look of a freestanding stove with the compactness of a cassette stove. By mounting a stove on the wall, you can free up space underneath the stove and create a more contemporary look for your room. Wall mounted stoves also fit flat against a non-combustible wall meaning they protrude less into your room. This category of stoves is growing rapidly, with more and more brands designing new and innovative models. Mr. Form and Miss. Function are finally wed, the long-awaited marriage finds its physical expression in the wall mounted stove, a perfect union between the two seemingly disparate qualities.Wall mounted stoves are compact and contemporary, and crucially take up no floor space barely protruding from the wall on which they are mounted. Wall mounted stoves are a broad church, including wood burners, multifuel models, and gas and electric, along with a large array of installation options and special features. Keep an eye out for DEFRA approval when browsing the catalogue of wall mounted stoves, this means that a stove is permitted to burn wood inside Smoke Control Zones owing to its low emission profile, if you live in a smoke control zone then this is essential.
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