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Modern Wood Burning Stoves

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Ideal for a modern styled room or a home without a fireplace, a modern wood burning stove combines slick and simple designs with the latest in fire technology. With more stoves available now than ever before; designers and engineers are redefining what the term "stove" means. Freestanding wood burning modern stoves tend to be taller and more cylindrical in shape compared against their traditional and contemporarycounterparts and are becoming increasing more popular in the UK. Stoves are available in a massive array of designs, but a helpful distinction can be made between traditional and modern aesthetics. Although this can be a little subjective, and there are some stoves that don’t fit into this binary classification, broadly speaking modern stoves embody a more minimalistic design and are highly customisable, whereas traditional stoves are more elegant and ornate, and typically look best in a fireplace or hearth.
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