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Wood Burning Cooking Stoves

Wood Burning Cooking Stoves

Specifically designed for cooking off grid, a cooking stove makes the most of the heat generate by the fire inside and channels that heat to a specific cooking hot plate or oven. The difference between a cooking stove and a range cooker, is that the hotplate/oven is directly above the firebox thus only taking up the same floor space as a stove. Until you have experienced the joy of cooking with fire, you will never fully appreciate your stove's full potential.

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A very long time ago fire was the best technology around. It allowed early humanity to flourish and grow, to make camps and cook meat, in short, to live. What better way to connect with our ancient origins than cooking with fire here and now, to gain first-hand experience of the raw and simple utility of the flame. Specifically designed for cooking off grid, a cooking stove makes the most of your fire's energy, spelling self-sufficiency and energy independence.

Cooking stoves typically have a main combustion chamber, the heat of which is directed toward the oven chamber directly above, many models also have a hotplate above the oven chamber on the anterior surface, making these stoves the definition of versatility. Not to mention the heat output these stoves provide to the room in which they are situated, reducing the cost of your heating requirements considerably.

Because the oven compartment or hotplate lies typically above the main combustion chamber these stoves take up as much floor space as a traditional stove. The range of cooking stoves is considerable, if you're having trouble locating the perfect model to meet your needs then try our comprehensive Stove Finder tool.