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If you are planning a new build or extension it is possible to run the ducting under the floor to the position of your stove and connect the stove up afterwards. A stove with an output of over 5kW can consume a lot of air to maintain its burn. If the air is coming from the room in which the stove is situated, there is a risk that most of the air will go into the stove and reduce the levels in the room. This particularly noteworthy for newer builds, which are very airtight.

Traditionally, the answer to this predicament was to install an airbrick in to the room, allowing air from outside to come into the room. However this quickly fell out of favour due to the fact that people wish to warm a room with a stove, and having cool air drawn into the room defeats the object of having a stove in the first place.

If the stove is placed against an outside wall it is possible to connect an external air supply to a stove, meaning that the air from outside only goes to the stove and not into the room. This prevents cold air entering the room and ensures your stove receives the amount of air it needs to burn.

There are different types of external air that you will need to check is compatible with your stove. Some supply only the primary air, others can supply all the air the stove needs.

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